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Stella is a hired thug.  Wearing denim shorts, work boots or short black combat boots with a bit of black socks peeking out, black leather gloves (fingerless or not) and black sports bra or tank top, hair in a ponytail - she enters a bare nondescript room where a relatively smaller man is sitting in a chair wearing jeans and a t-shirts, a pillowcase over his head and his hands secured behind his back.  Realizing someone has come in, he asks"who's there?"

She replies casually and stoically "Someone wants you BEATEN UP...I'm just hired to do the work."  "No, please" responds in despair.  "Quiet" Stella says.  "What did I do? Who hired you?" he begs to know.  "I don't know and I don't care...I just do the job, and the job is to BEAT YOU UP real bad" she says.  He begs to no avail.  "I'm just the muscle, and this is just a job" she says very casually and stoically.  "It's not personal" Stella adds.

She starts by punching him across the face with a sudden powerful right hook cutting off his pleas.  Then a left hook that knocks him out of the chair.  She casually brings him to his feet, and delivers several hard rights to his gut, then a knee to his chin.  Stella pushes him against the wall and delivers a quick series of rights and lefts (jabs, hooks, crosses and elbows) to his face.  Even though she can't see his face, she knows where she's hitting him and knows what damage she's inflicting.  It's not the first time she's beaten someone up with a pillowcase over their head.  She throws in some stomach and rib punches and knees, but mostly she hits him in the face.

After the vicious pounding, Stella finally lets him fall to the floor.  She squats down over his legs with his back against the wall (he's sitting on the floor) and delivers a fast hard series of mostly right and left jabs to his face almost like she's working a speed bag.  His head snaps back against the wall with each blow.

She gets him up again and gives him some more blows to his gut, along with some knees to his chin.  Stella then drops him back in the chair and punches him several more times in the face.  He's in seriously bad shape.  Moaning and groaning.  If we could see his face, it would be unrecognizable and totally broken.  Probably looks like ground hamburger. Although we can't see, his nose and jaw are broken, he has several broken and knocked out teeth and the beginning of what will be 2 massive black eyes.  She's also broken several ribs.

She brings over another chair and props his feet up on it.  "Oh, one other thing...I have to break your knee caps" she casually says.  He can barely register what she just said, but does try to utter some kind of plea to no avail.  Without hesitation, Stella breaks each knee cap with her fist, boot or maybe both together with a baseball bat.

"Take care" she says in an almost friendly tone as she turns and leaves the room.

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It's just her job nothing personal

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