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  • Sasha injoys slapping

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I would like a custom clip like the clip with lora (lora loves to slap men face). Iwould like sasha playing in this clip, she s wearing the same clothes than lora (red high heels, red mini skirt... long fingers nails and ring on the two middle fingers) . she captured a man just to slap him full force and destroy his cheeks. The scene takes place in an appartement, before the first slap, she show her palms to the camera, she smile and feel very excited to begin. I would like a very violent clip ( more violent than the clip with lora if it s possible , she destroy the face with hard full swing slaps only with palms, there are marks of her palms on the cheeks, he lost some teeth, the man cry and beg for stop, she chained the man on a chair and give him twenty enormous slaps he lost  teath everywhere during this last scene and finally is finished with the last slap

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Sasha injoys slapping

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