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  • Sasha destroys the bandits holding them between her legs

Custom clip request 

One actress: Sasha

The script will follow “Tiffany enjoys stepping bandits’ balls as template” but using Sasha as the actress.

Three total clips. Three minutes each (8-10 minutes total).

Can be one male actor. Just meeds to wear something different and a mask.

Equipment, bed and desk. 

Sasha starts every scene on the couch, cross legged, smiling and looking out ahead of her, thinking of the bandits who have tried to capture her. Her outfit is the same leotard and high heels from “Sasha kicks the bandit who tried entering her house” throughout. Legs shiny.

Scene 1: man tries to sneak up from behind Sasha as she’s grabbing something from the table. Sasha kicks out her leg behind her without looking, striking the man in the face. The man falls to the ground. He gets up and charges towards Sasha. Sasha is now facing towards him With her hands resting on the table behind her. She lands a kick to the face, sending the man to his knees. Sasha then kicks the man several times in the balls while on his knees. She then walks sensually around him, smirking. She then sends a kick to his face, sending him to the table, with his head against it. Sasha then sits on the table and puts the man in a scissorhold, choking him. Please make sure she leans back, holding herself up with hands, while performing the scissorhold. After about 30-45 seconds of struggle, she snaps his neck. The scene ends with the camera following Sasha from behind walking away from the man slumped against the table, smiling at what she had accomplished. 

The scene then shifts back to Sasha back on the chair, smirking, and thinking, looking down and casually rubbing her legs.

Scene 2: Sasha is laying down on her bed reading a book, when she hears a noise. She gets up, peaks around corner, and sees a man coming. She smirks, appears before the man. The man startled, tries throwing punches at Sasha. Sasha dodges all of them, all while hands on her hips. She then kicks the man in the balls and he drops to his knees. She then sends successive knees to the face and kicks to the balls. Once the man looks defeated, Sasha puts her foot on the mans forehead, and pushes, so that the man falls backwards. Sasha walks around the man, then lays down on top of the man, with her head facing the man’s lower body, so she can put the man in a headscissor. She can push her upperbody off the man’s body with her hands, so that her back is arched while her legs are squeezing the man’s head behind her. Please focus frame on sasha’s entire body, and her smirk as she performs the headscissor. After about 30-45 seconds of struggle, she snaps his neck. She gets up, and the the scene ends with sasha walking away in the same manner as Scene 1, with the camer following her from behind.

Revert back to Sasha on the couch.

Scene 3: Sasha is walking around her apartment, when a man appears in the doorway. He grabs sasha from behind, sadha squeezes the man’s balls, and brings her leg up and behind to her to kick his balls as well. The man falls to his knees, he then tries to get back up, but sasha kicks him in the face as he does. This process repeats about 3-4 times. The man is finally able to get up after dodging sasha’s kicks. She smiles, looking impressed. Then turns to walk towards the bed, and gesturing with her finger for the man to follow. Sasha sits on the bed, cross legged. And again gestures for the man to come to her, the man staggers and charges towards her. As he does so, she kicks him in the balls. The man falls down to the ground. Sasha gets up, pulls the man up, and begins to kick the man in the balls. At this point, the man is facing away from the bed, and Sasha is kicking his balls while facing the bed. After a few kicks, the man looks defeated, and she puts her heel on his forehead, and pushes so that he falls forward towards the bed. The man is now laying in front of bed, look up to the ceiling. She then walks over to him and puts his head in a headscissor while Sasha stands in front of the bed. The man’s head should be such that he is looking up at sasha and she is looking down at him during thr standing headscissor. Please focus on sasha’s whole body, and her smirk throughout, while looking at the man. After 45 minutes of struggle, she snaps his neck. The scene ends as did the others.

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Sasha destroys the bandits holding them between her legs

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