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  • Ariel challenges champion of the gym

A male champion in martial arts is practicing in the gym. Ariel walks in barefoot in a sporty outfit and asks the guy to leave since it is her turn to practice. The guy arrogantly says that he is the champion and she is just an ordinary girl. Ariel smiles and challenges him to a fight - whoever loses has to leave. The guy agrees and is fully confident that he will have no trouble. They square up, touch gloves and start to fight. At first, the male fighter has the advantage. But after Ariel warms up, she quickly takes over control of the fight. She is able to dodge or block most of his attacks while hitting him with a variety of kicks and punches. He continues to try and fight back and is able to put ariel in a hold, but she is able to free herself and continues to deliver a barrage of kicks, punches and wrestling holds. Eventually, the man is exhausted and falls to the ground from the beating. Ariel puts him in a headscissor and makes him to give up and admit defeat. She releases him and he leaves the gym while Ariel starts practicing. 

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Ariel challenges champion of the gym

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