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  • Secret agent Ivy eliminates her husband

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The story involves Ivy as a secret agent who works for an evil organization of women who seek world power. Ivy is a Red Sparrow agent who has infiltrated the life of a government agent who is investigating the women. She is married to him, and he has no idea who she really is. 

The video begins with a short scene shot in a home or apartment. Ivey and her husband are relaxing or eating a meal. They are dressed normally. Ivy receives a phone call. She listens carefully, says "yes, I understand," and hangs up. She says to her husband, "darling, we need to have a talk." He is mystified. Ivy approaches him, places her arms around him, and pulls him in to her for a kiss. She then shoots her knee up into his groin. He falls to the ground in pain. She stands over him, looks down, and kicks him hard in the face, knocking him out. All of this happens in a bout two minutes.

Switch t the main scene, which is set in a warehouse or dance studio. The husband is on the floor, tied up and gagged. Ivy enters, wearing a black leotard and black tights. No shoes. The outfit is opaque, dark black. Ivy approaches him, stand over him, and places a foot on his face, pressing his head into the floor. She then explain to him who she is, that their marriage is a fake, that she has been spying on him for years. Now, she says, she is going to interrogate him for some final pieces of information and then finish him. 

She begins the interrogate while he is still on the floor bound and gagged. She siuts next to him and takes his neck into a scissor hold. She crosses her ankles and squeezes hard. He is unable to defend himself. After a couple of minutes of scissoring, she kneels behind him and takes his neck into a rear-naked choke. She constricts his breathing for a couple of minutes, weakening him.

After she releases him, he falls to the floor. She unties him and removes his gag, explaining to him that now he will have a chance to defend himself. She attacks him. We now have a scene of about five minutes, during which she dominates him with kicks, karate chops, kicks to the groin, and so forth. At the end of the five minutes, he is on the floor, thoroghly beaten and humiliated. She fetches a laptop from elsewhere in the room, stands over him, places he foot on his face, and presses his head into the floor. She sys to him: "now you will tell me the pass code to your laptop." After he fails to do so immediately, she kicks him hard several times and says "the beating will continue if you do not give me the information Believe me, I enjoy doing this very much." She then places her foot on his face again, and she says "tell me." He gives her the information: his password is "femdom." She laughs and enters the password. It works, and she smiles.

She says: "Thank you very much for your cooperation. I will now give you your reward. Stand up."

He stands up, and she issues a vicious beating with kicks to his groin and his head. He falls to the floor. She gets on the floor with him, and takes his head into a scissor hold such that she and he are facing each other, making eye contact. She begins to squeeze very hard.

The scissor goes on for a minute or so. we can see Ivy straining to pour on the pressure. She says to him: "you still love me, don't me." Struggling to speak, he says "yes, yes i do, I love you." Then Ivy says: that makes me happy. But I have only contempt for you." At that moment she twists her leg and body and breaks his neck. She loosens the hold and his head falls into her crotch. Ivy appears to be very satisfied and seems to be sexually aroused from this.


Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Secret agent Ivy eliminates her husband

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