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  • Bionic Carly chases the criminal. New version

Custom clip request 

So I'd like you to do the same script. Same outfits, same actors. This time Carly wears the black mules and everyone speaks english.

I'd like all the scenes where they talk to the radio to be shot and edited the same way. If possible the whole movie. I love how you shot this one. But if you mix it up a bit, that’s fine too. 

A few things I'd like to be changed and added.

-A few more cop scenes.

-A slo mo block and punch by Carly

-POV shot of her face while she looks at the camera. 

-In the image labelled (leg cross) Carly crossed her leg away from the camera. (at 13.22 in clip) I'd like her to cross towards the camera just like Stella.

-In leg cross2 I prefer the camera to show the other side of her crossed leg. (at 23.20) Similar to Stella but side-view.

-Leg cross kick is from 22.54. Can you do a shot just like the image where it goes into slo mo right when her shoe comes into view. The wrinkles on her foot are more in focus instead of blurred out, but still partially covered by the shoe.

-For the shot where the cop walks in at the end saying 'I can do it, I can catch him', (24.35) can you change it to a close up of her crossed leg? She can cross them the same way in this shot. The cop is visible in the background, above her leg, walking over and saying I can do it. I can catch him.  After that it's back to the same shots as the original scene.

Language: English

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Bionic Carly chases the criminal. New version

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