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  • Tom and Steve find out which of them is truly the best

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Steve: tight-fitting black T-shirt (later shirtless), jeans, everyday shoes

Tom: tight-fitting plain white t-shirt (later shirtless), jeans, everyday shoes

Note: This fight video will be about 15-20 minutes long and have five fights between Steve and Tom. The fights will mainly focus on punches/kicks to the stomach and face, but other kinds of hits or moves are welcome. If possible, please have the camera zoom in on especially powerful punches to the guy’s stomach as well as show his surprised or shocked reaction to the punch as well. Also feel free to do some slow-motion during especially powerful hits at times too. Have each guy grunt or groan in pain when taking hard hits. Once a fighter is KO’d, he should end up flat on his back with his eyes closed. Please no bruising effects or masks.

Steve and Tom are both famous streetfighters. After learning of each other's reputations, they decided to hold a private bout of matches between each other to decide which of them is truly the best. The last man standing after five fights will be the champion. Both guys are cocky and certain they will win, however one of them will be humbled by the other in the end.

Fight 1

The fight is pretty evenly matched between both fighters, but over time Steve starts taking more control. Eventually, a powerful gutpunch from Steve stuns Tom, knocking the wind out of him. Seeing an opportunity, Steve pummels Tom's stomach with several powerful gutpunches, each weakening Tom more and more. Tom is left dazed and unsteady on his feet for several seconds, clutching his stomach in pain. Steve then holds Tom steady with a hand on his shoulder and then delivers an uppercut (close up + slow motion if possible) that KO's Tom, knocking him flat on his back. Steve flexes his biceps biceps and smiles at the camera, saying, “He didn’t seem too tough.” The camera then zooms in on and slowly pans over the KO’d Tom for 10-15 seconds before fading out.

Fight 2

Once Tom wakes up from his previous loss, he tells Steve, "Alright, man. You beat me in that first fight, but I'm gonna put you down this time." Steve smiles and says, "We'll see about that." The two begin their next fight. Steve starts off strong, but to his surprise, Tom quickly starts taking control of the fight. Eventually after taking several powerful punches to his face and jaw, Steve is left dazed and unsteady on his feet for several seconds. Tom approaches him and delivers rapid punches to his face like a speedbag for several seconds. When he stops, Steve is even more dazed and unsteady. Tom then winds up and delivers a powerful punch deep into Steve's stomach (show close-up + Steve's reaction of shock). He keeps his fist pressed in until Steve briefly twitches once or twice with a groan of pain and goes dizzy. Tom briefly holds the Koed Steve upright by the chin before giving a light shove, and Steve collapses flat on his back KO'd. After the camera zooms in on the KO’d Steve for 10-15 seconds. It then focuses on Tom who proudly flexes his biceps in victory, giving a wink to the camera saying, “I told you guys I’d beat him.” The camera slowly fades.

Fight 3

Steve wakes from his previous loss. He congratulates Tom, saying, "Wow, I didn't know you had it in you." Tom tells him, "There's more where that came from." Deciding to make things more interesting, both guys decide to remove their shirts and toss them aside before beginning their next match. Both guys fight more ferociously this time, landing more devastating blows on one another. Tom seems to grow more tired over the course of the fight and is unable to block or dodge Steve's attacks as the fight goes on. Eventually, Steve shoves an exhausted Tom up against a wall behind him. He delivers a gutpunch that doubles over Tom. He then delivers an uppercut that jolts Tom back upright. Steve continues this gutpunch/uppercut combo several more times as Tom visibly weakens with each hit until he's barely conscious. Steve then grabs Tom by the chin and pulls him to the center of the gym and delivers another uppercut. Tom staggers back a few steps and sways dizzily on his feet for a few seconds before rolling his eyes and collapsing flat on his back with a moan, KO'd. Steve pumps his fist in victory and then flexes his biceps for the camera, saying, "Looks like you're getting tired down there, Tom. Think you're ready to call it quits?" The camera then zooms in on and slowly pans over the KO'd Tom for 10-15 seconds before fading out.

Fight 4

Tom eventually wakes and is wincing in pain before shaking himself more alert. Tom commends Steve on another victory saying, "You beat me good last time, dude, but I'm not out yet." Steve smiles and says, "You definitely don't go down easy, man." They begin their next fight. Steve puts up a good fight at first, but to his surprise Tom fights harder despite how tired he looked earlier. Tom quickly takes control of the fight. Near the end, a gutpunch from Tom knocks the wind out of Steve and drops him to his knees. Steve is dazed and sways unsteadily for several seconds. Tom delivers a knee-strike to Steve's jaw that knocks him flat on his back. Tom drops to straddle Steve's waist. He gently taps Steve awake and then grabs him by the chin and pulls him up into a sitting position. Tom then delivers a punch deep into Steve's gut and keeps it pressed in as Steve slowly becomes KOed with a moan. Tom slowly lowers Steve back down, keeping his fist pressed in. Steve gives two brief twitches before giving a soft sigh, finally KO'd. Tom checks to make sure Steve is out before finally removing his fist. He gets to his feet and flexes his biceps and gives a smile to the camera, saying, "I've still got it. Don't worry Steve, just one more beating, and it'll all be over." The camera then zooms in on and pans over the KO'd Steve for 10-15 seconds before fading out.

Final Fight

The camera fades back in as Tom is being interviewed. He proudly flexes his biceps and winks at the camera after saying, "Steve's a great fighter, but it's time to show him who the champ is around here." The camera then switches to Steve's interview. He says, "Tom keeps getting back up no matter how many times I knock him out, but I'm going to make sure he stays down this time " Steve flexes his biceps and winks for the camera. The camera now shows both guys as they ready their fists and begin their final fight. Both guys fight with all their strength and are equally matched right up until the end. A powerful punch to the jaw leaves Ton dazed and stunned for several seconds. Steve grabs Tom by the shoulders and delivers a knee-strike to his stomach, knocking the wind out of him and dropping Tom to his knees, even more dazed and unsteady. Steve then delivers a kick to Tom's jaw (slow motion if possible) that knocks him flat on his back with his eyes closed. Steve then drops to straddle Tom's waist. Steve delivers several slow, steady punches to Tom's stomach for the next 15-20 seconds. Tom groans and jolts from each impact, slowly weakening with each punch until he no longer reacts to Steve's last couple punches. Seeing this, Steve delivers one last punch and keeps his fist pressed in. Tom gives a weak sigh as he's finally KO'd. Steve checks to make sure Tom is finally out before removing his fist. He gives a few playful pats to Tom's stomach before getting to his feet. Steve flexes his biceps and gives a wink and smile to the camera, saying, "Tom's a tough fighter. But it looks like I'm better." Steve takes a quick selfie posing over his defeated opponent before walking away, saying, "Let's do a rematch sometime soon, buddy. I'll gladly punch you out again. Enjoy your nap in the meantime, though." The camera then slowly zooms in and pans over the KO'd Tom for about 15-20 seconds before finally fading to black. END

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Tom and Steve find out which of them is truly the best

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