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  • Brian against Lucas in Kung Fu battle

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Brian is wearing casual pants (preferably khaki or brown) or jeans, a button shirt (preferably pink) tucked in, white socks, and matching shoes (preferably slip on style) Lucas is wearing similar style, shirt tucked in, with white socks, and slip on style shoes. Brian is watching a kung fu fight on his ipad/tablet to learn some new moves when Lucas walks in and starts teasing Brian about his kung fu. Lucas tells Brian that he’s a better fighter. Brian scoffs and tells him that he’s beaten up Rob and Erick easily and can beat Lucas easily. Lucas challenges him and warns him that he will not be easy on Brian and that his kicks are hard as he does some kung fu moves in front of Brian. Brian just watches and slowly moves into a fighting stance. Lucas gets ready. They start fighting kung fu style. Lots kicks, round houses, spinning kicks to stomach. Lucas and Brian each react to hits with groans. Brian does a spinning kick to Lucas’ stomach and holds his foot there. Lucas groans long and loud as he’s in pain from Brian’s foot and starts to bend over. Brian then goes to choke Lucas by wrapping his leg around Lucas’ neck while standing. Lucas struggles to get free but can’t. Brian laughs and asks Lucas if he wants to quit but Lucas refuses. Brian lets him go and while Lucas is trying to catch his breath while on his knees. Brian tells Lucas that he let him go because he’s a nice guy. Brian starts to kick Lucas in the face back and forth, side to side, back and forth several times (like last time) Brian slowly walks around Lucas and does his signature move of a headlock and kicking Lucas in the face with his back heel 2 times. Lucas falls on his back and looks like he’s defeated as he lays there with his arms and legs spread very wide. As Brian stands in front of Lucas facing him, he think he’s won and gives Lucas a grin. Lucas does a fancy twirl with his legs to sweep Brian and make him fall. As Brian is on the ground, Lucas quickly wraps his legs around Brian’s neck. Brian’s locked between Lucas’ thighs (NOT the ankles) Brian is struggling to get free. Lucas asks him how he likes to be choked. Lucas asks Brian in a playful coy way “Do you want to give up?” Brian refuses. Brian slowly pries Lucas’ legs apart to free himself and gives Lucas a palm strike to Lucas’ groin. Lucas groans long and loud in pain while grabbing his balls. Brian gets up and smirks. Lucas tells Brian that’s a cheap shot but Brian tells him it’s part of his kung fu fighting. Brian picks up Lucas off the ground by his shirt and gives him some final punches and a couple more finishing kicks before a final roundhouse kick. Lucas falls back and lands on his back with his arms and legs spread out wide as he can to make an X shape. Brian looks at Lucas before walking toward him and standing over him. Brian puts his foot Lucas’ stomach as a victory pose with his hands at his side and/or on his hips. Lucas groans and grunts long feeling the weight of Brian’s foot. Brian says “you done?” Lucas grunts and groans again and finally agrees to give up. Brian keeps his foot on Lucas. Lucas tries to lift his head up to look at Brian’s foot but Brian won’t let him up. Lucas asks him to fight again but in kung fu clothes. Brian thinks for a bit and agrees but tells Lucas “But stay down. I want to enjoy my win.” Lucas lets out a sigh in a pissed off style but accepts his defeat. Extended scene of Brian’s foot on Lucas’ stomach with Brian looking down at Lucas’ eyes with multiple camera angles. Alternate ending from Lucas choking Brian between his thighs. Lucas lets Brian go and stands up. Brian on his knees a bit dazed gets kicked in the face by Lucas in a back and forth, side to side over and over again. Lucas picks up Brian by the shirt and gives him a few more finishing punches and kicks. One final spinning kick to the stomach and Brian falls back in an X like shape with his arms and legs spread wide. Lucas slowly walks up to Brian and sits on Brian’s stomach and puts his each feet on Brian’s wrists to pin him down. Brian can’t get up. Lucas tells Brian “Here’s my signature move” and while Lucas still has his feet pinning Brian’s wrist, Lucas looks behind and slams his fist into Brian’s groin. Brian groans and moans loudly and long in pain. Brian tells Lucas that’s a cheap shot but Lucas says “it’s part of my kung fu fighting hehe.” Lucas stands up and uses his foot to move Brian’s arms wide and legs wide into an X shape again. Lucas puts his foot on Brian’s stomach and smiles as Brian grunts and moans softly but long. Lucas says “Give up?” Brian moans again and agrees. Brian then says “Fight again in our kung fu clothing. Let’s do this properly.” Lucas agrees but tells Brian to stay down as he keeps his foot on Brian. “I want to enjoy this for a bit” says Lucas. Extended scene of Lucas putting his foot on Brian’s stomach with different camera angles. Brian continues to be heard groaning as he feels Lucas’ foot on his stomach. Round two. Both fighters are in the room with their kung fu pants, white shirt, white socks, and black slip on shoes like previous fights. Brian tells Lucas that his kung fu is not bad. Lucas tells him that “it’s about to get better” and goes into a fighting stance. Brian goes into a fighting stance. They start fighting with lots of kicks, punches to each other. Lots of roundhouse and back kicks to stomach and face. After a few minutes of fighting back and forth, Brian kicks Lucas, but Lucas catches Brian’s leg. Brian jumps from his standing leg and kicks Lucas causing both to fall down. As Lucas gets up and walks toward Brian, Brian kicks Lucas in the groin while still laying on his side. Lucas groans sharply and loudly as he bends over in pain. Lucas looks at Brian who gives him a cocky grin and then in a voice like Bruce Lee, Brian kicks Lucas straight up from the floor and holds his leg in the air as Lucas falls back. Brian then gets up and walks to Lucas who is on his back with his arms and legs spread wide. Brian sits on Lucas and starts punching him in the face alternating his hands. Lucas becomes dazed and Brian stops and stares at Lucas while pinning his arms. Brian says “give up now, you’re done.: But Lucas refuses. Brian gets up and pulls Lucas up by the shirt and throws him into the wall and starts kicking and punching him. Lucas falls to his knees and Brian kicks him in the face back and forth several times. Lucas becomes all weak and groans. Brian slowly walks up to Lucas and puts him in a front facing headlock to get ready for his signature move. Brian asks again, “give up?” Lucas says no, so Brian does his back heel kick (signature move) once…pauses, Lucas groans…twice…Lucas groans. Brian asks one last time…”give up?” Lucas groans slowly “I give up….I give.” Brian gives one final signature move kick to Lucas’s face. Lucas falls back with his arms and legs spread wide. Brian waits and looks at defeated Lucas and then puts his foot on Lucas’ stomach. Lucas groans as he feels Brian’s foot. Brian keeps his foot on on Lucas while he puts his hands on his…then puts his hands down just keeps his foot on Lucas. Brian is happy he won. He tells Lucas “I told you my kung fu is better than yours. Lucas tries to respond “I’ll get you next time” but before he can finish, Brian cuts him off and says “shut the fuck up” and sweeps his foot ACROSS (horizontally) Lucas’ face and knocks him out. Brian puts his foot back on Lucas’ stomach and keeps it there. Extended scene of foot on Lucas with different angles….End Alternate ending From Brian kicks Lucas, but Lucas catches his leg. Lucas pauses for a second and in a Bruce Lee voice punches Brian inside his leg 2 times and throws him to the wall. Lucas starts kicking Brian several times. Lucas grabs Brian’s shirt and changes sides so now Lucas is against the wall. Lucas kicks Brian in his stomach so Brian falls on his knees and then Lucas starts kicking Brian in the face back and forth. Lucas then puts Brian in a headlock facing forward and gives a back heel kick like Brian’s signature move 3 times. Brian then falls down on the ground with his arms and legs spread wide. Lucas comes up to Brian’s LEFT side and puts his RIGHT foot on Brian’s neck. Brian chokes a bit but Lucas’ foot is too strong/heavy. Lucas tells Brian “give up, man. I beat you.” Brian tries to get Lucas’ foot off his throat, but can’t. He tells Lucas “no way.” Lucas adds a little pressure on Brian’s neck and smiles in a cocky look. Lucas says “come on man, give up. I beat you. I won.” Brian says “ok ok…you beat me.” Lucas lets his foot up and SLOWLY moves it to Brian’s groin. Brian lets out a groan as he feels Lucas’ foot on him. After 20 seconds, Brian groans and tells Lucas “I’ll kick your ass next time.” Lucas smiles and says “shut the fuck up” and slides his foot ACROSS (horizontally) Brian’s face. Brian is knocked out and Lucas puts his foot on Brian’s stomach as a victory pose. Extended scene and different angles of Lucas’ victory pose. End.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Brian against Lucas in Kung Fu battle

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