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  • Erick vs Brian in kung fu battle

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Erick and Brain are in the room together in the same outfit with black pants, white shirt, white socks, and black slip on shoes (like last time)

Erick says to Brain “I heard you beat up Rob.  What did you do to him when you won?”

Brain says “I put my foot right on his stomach and he couldn’t get up” as Brain raises his foot to gesture that he’s stepping on Rob.  Erick says “how did you keep him down so he couldn’t get up?”

Brain says “It’s my technique.  You have to put your foot in just the right spot.  Then you keep the loser down and look victorious.  If my loser opponent is not on his back, I will intentionally roll him on to his back with my foot, then I will plant my foot just right and he won’t get up.” Brain gestures putting his foot on the loser’s stomach by raising his foot.

Erick asks Brain how he defeated Rob last match.  Brain tells him his kung fu is better.  Erick tells Brain “your kung fu may be better than Rob’s, but not mine.”

Brain asks “you want to fight?”

Erick responds “bring it on” and goes into a fighting stance and gestures his hand to Brain to come to him.

Brain and Erick start getting ready to fight.  They start throwing punches and kicks at each other.  Brain is good at roundhouse kicks to Erick’s face.  Brain kicks Erick many times in the stomach.  Erick fights back with his own kicks to the stomach and face.

The fight each other with kung fu style kicks and punches for a bit.  Brain then starts to dominate with his kicks.  Brain does a double combo kick, first kick Erick in the stomach.  As Erick doubles over a bit, Brain surprise kicks him in the balls.  Erick bends over and cries in pain.  Brain slowly walks up to Erick and pushes him down to his knees.  Brain then does his special choke and wraps his leg around Erick’s neck while standing.  Brain tells him “this is just how I beat Rob.” And laughs while Erick is struggling to get out.  Brain says “come on buddy, just give up now.”

Erick gives Brain a back fist to the balls and Brain lets him go and doubles over in pain.  Erick gets up and kicks Brain back and forth across the face several times.  Brain falls on his back and Erick thinks he’s won and smiles accordingly.  Erick stands over Brain and asks “so I just put my foot on you like this?” but Brain quickly kicks Erick in the balls while on his back.  As Erick bends over, Brain grabs Erick’s neck with his legs and brings him down to choke him out.  Erick struggles to get out but Brain’s legs are too strong.  Brain starts taunting  him. “Come on, buddy. Just give up.”  After 25 seconds, Erick finally gives up.

Brain gets up and laughs at his victory.  Erick is trying to catch his breath and says to Brain “you beat me.”

Brain says “not just yet” and Brain does his special move on Rob by putting Erick in a front facing headlock and bringing his foot from behind to kick Erick in the face 3 times slowly.

Erick falls to the ground on his face.  Brain kicks him over on to his back.  Erick is laying on his back with arms above his head and legs spread wide.  Brain puts his foot on Erick’s stomach and enjoys his victory with a little laugh.  Erick groans repeatedly as he feels Brain’s foot.  Erick thinks he can get up but Brain’s foot feels too heavy and he grunts and groans again.  Brain teases Erick and puts his other foot on Erick to hear him groan again.  Extended scene of Brain’s foot on Erick with different angles.

Erick begs Brain to let him up.  Brain says, “if I let you up, you have to fight me again.”

Erick agrees to fight again but tells Brain “I was easy on you.  This time, I’ll beat you.”

Brains takes his foot off Erick and lets him up.  They both get ready to fight.

They get into position and start fighting.  Lots of kicks and punches to face and stomach area.  Brain does lots of roundhouse kicks to Erick’s face.  After a few mins of good kung fu fighting, Erick starts to dominate.

Erick gives a Brain a spinning kick to Brain’s stomach, then two roundhouse kicks to the face.  Brain tries to punch Erick, but Erick blocks and gives a kick to Brain’s balls.  When Brain goes down on his knees, Erick gives the same back and forth kick several times to Brain’s face.  Brain falls to the ground and Erick stands and watch.  Brain gets up and tries to give a high kick to Erick’s head, but Erick catches the leg and punches Brain’s inside leg 2 times very hard.  Brain shouts in pain while Erick still holds his leg.  After two hits, Erick throws Brain to the ground and Brain falls on his back with his arms above his head and legs spread wide.  Erick walks up to Brain all cocky and grinning and puts his foot on Brain’s stomach.  Brain groans loud and long as he feels Erick’s foot on him.  Erick laughs and says “is this how you do it?”  Erick keeps Brain down for a while, and puts his other foot on Brain.  Brain groans long and a bit loud.  Extended scene of Erick’s foot on Brain from different angles.

Brain begs Erick to let him up.  Erick says he’ll let Brain up for another fight.  Brain agrees to fight Erick again.

Brain gets up and gets ready for the final round.  They begin fighting again with many punches and kicks.  Brain is good at his roundhouse kicks.  They continue to fight with lots of kicks to stomach and head, and punches to stomach.  Finally Erick starts to dominate and flips Brain by grabbing Brain’s shirt and rolling back on the ground and kicking Brain off with his foot.  Brain lays on the ground all weak.  Erick does a front roll over Brain’s body.  He lands in a T shape with his back on top of Brain’s stomach and gives an elbow strike to Brain’s balls, and then to his head.  Brain rolls in pain from the elbow to his balls.  While Erick gets up, he walks around Brain and tells Brain to get up.  Brain tries to get up but lands on his knees.  He tells Erick “Ok buddy, you win.  You beat me.  Finish me off.”  Erick steals Brain’s secret move and gives him a headlock and back heel kicks him in the face 2 times.  Brain falls to the floor with his arms and legs spread wide.  Erick walks up to Brain and puts his foot on Brain’s stomach.  Brain groans loudly and is upset he lost.  Erick holds Brain down with his foot and enjoys his victory.  Camera shows extended scene of Erick’s foot on Brain from all angles.

Alternate ending.

Brain starts to dominate and gives a back kick to Erick’s balls.  Erick goes down and Brain does his back and forth kick across Erick’s face several times.  Erick all week and on his knees says to Brain “ok ok, you beat me again.  I give up…I give up.”

Brain says “not quite.” And goes to do his special move by putting Erick in a front headlock and back kicking him with his heel 3 times.  Erick falls to the ground with his arms and legs spread wide.  Brain walks up to Erick and puts his foot on Erick’s stomach.  “Now I beat you.  I told you my kung fu is better than yours.  Now stay down.”  Brain keeps his foot on Erick and enjoys hearing Erick groan and complain.  Extended scene of Brain keeping his foot on Erick’s stomach.  Brain changes his foot a few times to hear Erick groan loudly.  Brain keeps looking down at Erick.  Extended scene of Brain’s foot on Erick with different angles.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Erick vs Brian in kung fu battle

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