female fighting stories

  • Fight on the beach. Lesley vs Diana

Lesley vs Diana in two scenes.

There is a costume switch and you will use all three skirts I have sent so far in this custom.

Scene 1:

Scene starts with Lesley confronting Diana, telling Diana that the boss let her get away last time, and it won't happen again.

Lesley tells Diana that she cannot win, even if Diana beats Lesley, Lesley's twin sister is guarding the exit and a better fighter and will beat her.

Diana vs Lesley fight where Diana eventually wins but it is a close fight.

Scene 2:

Diana decides to change her outfit to escape. She takes Lesley's skirt off and changes into it. She also changes her hairstyle by tying it back.

Lesley's twin sister shows up (played by Lesley) and they fight.

Surprise me with ending, either girl can win.

For both scenes:

Please keep the girls moving.

Fights should be fairly even, with both girls giving and receiving hits.

Prefer kicks over punches, please be creative with lots of different moves used by both girls.

Costume details:

Scene 1

Diana is in the pink pleated Bebe skirt that Casey wore in my very first custom a few years ago.

Lesley is in the orange&green skirt, green side facing out.

Scene 2

Diana puts Lesley's skirt on and faces the orange side out.

Lesley (as her twin) is in the black/pink skirt from the most recent shoot with pink side facing out. 

Lesley changes hairstyle and top as well.

Both scenes:

Fitted top with bare midriff, short sleeves for both girls.

Sexy underwear, as revealing as possible. Lesley in the pink underwear that is coming with the skirt for both scenes.

No pantyhose like last time.

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Fight on the beach. Lesley vs Diana

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