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  • Lora vs Karina. The rivalry in mix fighting

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The match is a MMA fight and each round ends with a girl weakened by belly punches (for example, one hand blocks the opponent's neck and the other hits her stomach) and she is out by a sleeper hold. No slow motion please.

Now let's go down the details of each round:

1) The first part, that of MMA fight, I leave it to you beacuse you are very good. I just ask that most of the blows are to the body and that there are holds, maybe even with the feet.

2) The part of belly punching is one that brings a girl to take over on the other. Shots are fast, powerful and deep (they penetrate visibly in the abdomen) and weaken the opponent. The last 4-5 are slower but also more powerful and deep, leaving the victim breathless. Here we go in the last phase...

3) The girl tries to catch her breath, but the other locks her in a sleeper hold. As I said before, it should be done with a good force and show the biceps that tighten her neck, while the other tries to get out in vain. After 20-25 seconds her eyes roll and she is out.

Every round must be a bit different from the others but they must respect these three steps. For example, sleeper holds can be done in different ways (rear naked hold, holding with crossed arms, choking with feet, etc.) or some kicks instead of all punches...

 I would say there could be 5 rounds: Karina defeats Lora 3-2.

In the last sleeper hold of the last round and with the last breath, Lora tells to Karina: "Okay... you won" and Karina, that almost seems to give up the grip, whispers to her ear: "I know Baby" and use all the strength of her muscles to defeat Lora for the last time.

Girls wearing sports bras and shorts.

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Lora vs Karina. The rivalry in mix fighting

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