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  • Who is the best? Karina vs Lora. 2nd round

Custom clip request 

Hello Lesley, 

 Since my last custom turned out so well, I was thinking about commissioning a sequel to it. It would be very similar but there’s a couple of changes. These are the specifics according to your form:

1.     Main actresses: Lora and Karina again.

2.     Male actors: No male actors. Only the 2 girls.

3.  Clothes for the characters: Lora should be wearing the same outfit as in my previous 2 customs. Karina would be wearing her black corset and black shorts. Both girls barefoot and with bare fists. The hair on both girls in a tight ponytail.

4.     Length of movie: 13 minutes (3 rounds of 4 minutes each plus a 1 minute ending).

5.   Detailed script: This is a direct sequel to my previous custom movie, so it’s a rematch of that fight.

They will fight 3 rounds. Whomever wins 2 out of 3 rounds, wins the match.

All the fighting takes place inside this boxing ring. But because this ring is bigger it will give them more room to try different moves.

The fighting should consist of punches, kicks, elbows and knees to the face and torso in more or less equal proportion, with the occasional head-but or ground and pound sprinkled in. No grappling or wrestling. Because now there will be more room, add some throws.

Hard and brutal fighting but evenly matched during all three rounds. Only in the last minute of each round should one girl get the upper hand over the other.

Round 1: Lora wins. She finishes Karina with a kick to the face.

Round 2: Karina wins. She finishes Lora on the ropes with a barrage of knees to the belly and face.

Round 3: Lora wins. Karina puts Lora on the guillotine hold. When Karina says “I told you that next time I would break your neck”, Lora says: “I remember… bitch!” and escapes from the hold using one of the methods in this video (whichever the girls prefer). Lora then proceeds to ground and pound Karina and walk away triumphant.  

6.     Special effects: No special effects. Not even slow motion.

7.     MOST IMPORTANT DETAILS: All the fighting must be inside the boxing ring. The fighting must never be completely one-sided. The girls should never just stand there and let the other beat her. Both girls should ALWAYS try to continue to fight back even when they are losing. Karina should make good use of her fast kicks and her spinning kicks.

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Who is the best? Karina vs Lora. 2nd round

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