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  • Wonder Gerda was trapped by Evil Super Ivy

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This is about a wonder woman peril scene. I want Gerda to be wonder woman versus a female villain (whoever is available who can act as an arrogant villain).

1st scene:

Gerda entering a room (already in a wonder woman costume) then suddenly the villain sneaked behind her and sprayed something on her that made her dizzy. Then the villain snatches the magic lasso and used it on gerda. She then ordered gerda to put her hands behind her head which she complied. Gerda is on a trance or catatonic state which is the effect of the lasso (Camera roll and zoom to Gerda from toe to head). The villain started to punch and slap gerda and enjoys it while gerda is on a trance state with slight reaction and no movement while receiving the punches. After the villain is done, she tied the rope on gerda's waist and drag her to a wall and made her lean. (Gerda is still hands behind head while she is being dragged and leaning on the wall) The villain started punching her again and gerda still on the same state. After that, the villain got bored and used the lasso to make gerda on her normal state again. Gerda came back to her senses and felt humiliated. She then punched the villain and made her fall to the ground. When Gerda tried to punch her again, the villain suddenly took out something on her pocket which appeared to be a small chain (assuming that it is wonder woman's weakness). Gerda felt weak when she saw the chain and the villain wore it to gerda like a necklace. The villain then beat the helpless gerda until she's on the ground. Gerda tried to get up but received kicks from the villain until she is knocked out. The villain then grab Gerda on the wrist holding it upwards pulling her on a kneeling position. (Camera angle should be on the side where the arms are lifted) The villain lifts gerda's face while holding her arms up and laughs. (Camera slowly zooming in to Gerda) Cutscene.

2nd scene:

Gerda (still wearing the chain necklace) now awake and tied up arms over head like in every pervert must be punished. The villain is beating her with slaps punch/belly punches until she lose consciousness. I want to end this with the villain still beating Gerda.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Wonder Gerda was trapped by Evil Super Ivy

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