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  • The battle of the strippers

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This is a 2 against 1 female fight in the pole dancing club location. Carly and Ivy have ambushed their male client and tied him to a chair. They plan to steal his money and then finish him, but Melanie interrupts them and there is a long fight. Carly and Ivy dominate Melanie at the start, but Melanie makes a comeback and finally defeats them and frees her boyfriend. Detailed script below.  

Fighting styles  

A mixture of “Ivy and Melanie punish their customers and take their wallets”, “Mortal Combat- Megan vs Sasha” and “Melanie kicks the guys who dared to touch her”. Kicks and punches mostly. Please integrate the dance poles as much as possible into the fight. Lots of sexy camera angles.  Please add the sounds of punches and kicks sometimes in the fight. Not too much grunting from the girls. Also add the sound of neck-breaking at the end. Maybe some background music.  

Detailed script  

Opening scene (4-5 minutes)  

A man is tied to a chair in the corner of the pole dancing club. The camera pans out and Carly and Ivy are standing in front of the chair, legs apart. They announce they are going to finish him, but first they will give him one final pole dance. And so they perform a sexy dance on their poles for one minute. They finish the dance and approach the male in the chair. Carly raises her foot and is about to hit the male in the balls with her heel, when suddenly Melanie bursts into the club and yells at them to stop. The male is Melanie’s boyfriend.  

Carly and Ivy just laugh and threaten to finish Melanie too. So Melanie calmly takes off her coat and announces she will dance better and fight better. Melanie does a sexy dance on a pole for a minute. When she stops, Carly and Ivy approach her. And so the fight starts.  

Fight part 1 (5-6 minutes)  

In the beginning the fight is even, trading punches and kicks (Carly-Melanie, Ivy-Melanie, Carly-Melanie, etc). But then Carly and Ivy begin to dominate and punish Melanie. They double team her. Then Melanie has her back against a pole. Ivy is behind the pole restraining her arms. Carly is taking free shots at Melanie with slaps, punches and kicks to her body and face. Then Carly pauses. She tells Melanie now she can watch her boyfriend will be finished.  

It looks like Melanie is finished. But now she is mad. Her arms are held by Ivy so she kicks Carly between the legs. Carly falls to her knees. Melanie follows up with a knee to Carly’s face. Carly falls over in pain. Next Melanie kicks up her foot behind her and hits Ivy. Now she can break free of her hold against the pole.  

Fight part 2 (5-6 minutes)  

Again they trade punches and kicks like part 1, but this time Melanie hits harder and after a few rounds she finally knocks them both down. Now Melanie realises Carly and Ivy are exhausted, so she performs a sexy dance-fight routines like she did in “Melanie kicks the guys who dared to touch her” and completely dominates and punishes Ivy and Carly.  

The finish (3-4 minutes)  

Ivy and Carly are both on their hands and knees. Melanie grabs Ivy and pushes her against a pole. Then Melanie climbs the pole and head scissors Ivy. She leans back and snaps Ivy’s neck. She opens her legs and Ivy crumples to the ground. Next Melanie grabs Carly and pushes her against a pole too. Melanie gets behind her and bearhugs Carly tight against the pole until she collapses to her knees. Now Melanie can stand over Carly and bend her leg back around her neck. Melanie squeezes and snaps Carly’s neck too. Carly falls to the ground.  

Melanie finishes the same way as “Melanie kicks the guys who dared to touch her”. She does a sexy pole dance over each fallen rival and then unties her boyfriend. They walk out the club. Final view of Carly and Ivy lying on the floor.  

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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The battle of the strippers

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