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Vixen (Carly): bikini

Lillian: schoolgirl

Basic story: Our heroine vixen has tracked down villainess lillian. Lillian had defeated vixens former mentor and now our heroine wants revenge.

Key features: lillian cocky attitude turning to desperation as the beatdown goes on.

Excessive over the top reactions by lillian (tongue protusion, twitching, eye

rolling) and very wide spread eagle knockouts. (I write this a lot… apologies)

Ive put some quotes in, feel free to alter them but keep the general meaning. Add more

comments that you/ the girls feel give it more realism etc. just try keep it within the context.

When lillian is selling/ laid spread eagle/ derrie air if vixen could say stuff like ‘how

humiliating’ ‘this is easy’ ‘youre such a mess’ etc

Camera angles… don’t really need to mention these as you ll know better than me what

angles are best for capturing reactions etc. I have added a couple of requests though. I like

the replays


Both girls staring each other down

‘ive tracked you down lillian, prepare for your last fight’

‘ill defeat you just like your old mentor vixen’

the girls engage with lillian quickly taking control. Vixen throws a punch that lillian

dodges and applies a hold. Would like some bragging here by lillian whilst Vixen

struggles and goes weak (tongue protusion over the top reaction if vixen will do them),

lillian checks for life (limb check) then thows her to the floor (onto her side). vixen

twitches on floor. Whilst twitching Lillian laughs and rolls vixen onto her back. After a little

while vixen stops twitching and lays still. Lillian bends down next to vixen and moves her

face side to side and spreads her legs and arms far apart. She stomps on her belly to revive her, she then lifts her up and crushes her head against the wall. After few hits she’ll faint back spreading out wide on the floor

‘that was even easier than I thought it would be’

lillian brags to camera (classic) about how easy that was, and if any other wannabe

heroines want to try and defeat her then shes ready… (guess whats coming) vixen comes

rounds taps lillian on the shoulder

‘now its my turn’

low blow (sticking bum out reaction) then thowing lillian into the wall and hits her head

against it a few times… after each strike vixen hold lillian and says something like ‘again,

you want another’ which lillian pleads against. After each strike lillian gets more groggy.

This leads to lillian stood up dizzy (over the top reacting… eye rolling and tongue

out). Lillian collapses to her knees and rests against vixen (whos stood next to her) lillian

begins to twitch. After a few seconds vixen lets lillian fall down into a derrie air position.

Vixen circles lillians body. Camera circles lillians body too. Vixen then kicks lillian over

‘shes pathetic style comment’.

Vixen drags lillian up by her, she then

whispers ‘im not done with you yet’ into lillians ear (begging and pleading by lillian)

lillian responds with ‘how did this happen, you cant be better than me’ style comments.

Vixen delivers a powerful punches

Lillian is instantly knocked out and is left wide spread eagle (with overtop convulsions,

tongue out) Camera pan around her body all the times shes convulsing

(starting with over the top convulsions leading into a gentle twitch).

Vixen slaps lillian awake ‘this ones for my master who you defeated’ again more pleading

and begging by lillian perhaps a ‘just finish me off now’ style remark (who is still groggy)…

vixen lift her Lillian up to her knees and starts kicking her. A final kick to the chin make Lillian’s arms and legs fly out spread eagle. She then produces

over the top reactions in terms of convulsions, eye rolling, tongue protusion. Vixen

stays in the position sort of smiling/laughing following delivering the blows just watching

lillians reactions. After lillian is finished selling the move she is left laid spread eagle still

with tongue out. Vixen caresses lillians face and moves it side to side a couple of time

comment such as ‘youre disgusting’ Vixen rolls Lillian on her belly, remove her outfit and spreads lillian’s legs

Vixen stands and looks down at lillians body. She slowly makes her

moves round to her head, lifts lillian up so

shes sat up, then begins to trap lillian with neckhold. Lillian struggles, again overtop

reactions of, tongue out, eye rolling. Once knocked out vixen pushes lillians head

backward to the mats… this makes lillians legs to fly upwards and land legs together. Vixen the spreads Lillian’s legs wide apart as she’s lay motionless. Camera pan around her body face etc.

Vixen talks

to camera about how she got revenge looks back at lillians body and is glad to of defeated

lillian. She proceeds to turn to leave… at which point lillian comes round and begins to

get up lillian says something along the lines of ‘how has this happened’ … vixen shouts

vixen picks lillian up and throws her against the wall, Lillian slides down to sat up position with her legs spread wide lillian performs the usual over the top

reactions. After a while lillian on her four crawls towards vixen, who kick her laterllay making Lillian fall on her back to a spread eagle position, tongue far out and

convulsing gently to laying still. Vixen walks up and kneels behind lillian, she lifts her up so

lillian is sat upright holding her face for the camera as lillian is groggy with tongue out.

‘now to finally finish you off’

lillian groggily replies ‘what are you going to do with me’

‘get my revenge’

‘please no please’

… vixen snaps lillians neck mid begging causing more tongue protusion eye rolling

etc. vixen walks to the front of lillian who is still sat up. She uses her finger to push lillian

back so shes laid on the mats. Can I get a coupe of replays here? One sort of behind vixen so

you see lillian fall backwards; when her body hits the mats can her legs jump up a bit and

spread out wide? and then one where the camera is to the side of lillian focusing on her legs,

, then rotates to the side facing the camera. Where

she does some faint eye rolling

with her tongue out aswell. Vixen kicks her legs further apart so shes left with her arms and

legs really spread out, whilst this all happens she is twiching. Vixen places her foot on

lillians face and blows lillian a kiss. She waits for lillian to stop twitching. She makes

comments on the twitching and again when lillian stops twitching. She then kneels down

behind lillians head and raises it to show it off to the camera; some eye checks here to see

the whites of lillians eyes (comment ‘got what she deserved etc) tongue out aswell.

Vixen makes a comment relating to her victory and lillians

humiliating defeat something like ‘this was for my master, you defeated him now I have

defeated you. youre finished’ and then walks off leaving the camera to pan over lillians

body, face etc. Shes just spread eagle with arms and legs far apart with her tongue far out. (can this camera panning last

a while please) if lillian could twitch just a little bit then go still.


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Lillian's final showdown

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