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  • Bionic Sasha wearing mules

I want to use Sasha for the main character in this video. This video will be 17 mins She will wear black high heel same as last video no strap on the back of the heel. She will must have black toe nail polish. She will wear a black black mini skirt. If she wears a shirt it will be black. There will only be one Ninja for the entire video. The ninja must be stalky or have a belly. Please no skinny or tough guys. Images below of the guys to use. Ninja will wear black pants and black tanktop. Sasha is on a mission to take out a ninja who has been going around choking female bionic woman. This ninja is very skilled and has defeated all the agents sent to destroy him. Sasha will enter a room empty room. She will begin to look for the ninja. The camera will change facing her will the ninja in the shot behind her. She will be unaware he is behind her still looking. The camera will change behind the ninja. He will move closer then put her in a sleeper hold. The camera will change many times as she struggles to get free. She will grab his face using her bionic strength she will crush is skull with crushing sounds. He will let go of her. She will turn and begin to use clapping attack on his ears that will send him to the ground. She will pose will her hands on her hips looking down at him. He will fall stread eagle. She will slowly walk between his legs. She will stop then turn around with her legs still close between his (many close ups of her heels and legs through out this point of the video) She will stomp the back on his groin. He will raise up in pain grabbing her leg in place where she stomps on him the fall back. She will walk of from him. The ninja will get up slowly. At this point of the video use a many shots of both Sasha and the ninja. The fight will go between him choking her she breaks free and knocks him to the ground. You can be as creative as you like with this but use face attacks to knock him back and to the ground. Also use attacks to the groin/balls mixed together with this video. She will knock him out and he will fall spread eagle she walk away to the door. Then turn around and walk between his legs again. Using the same information in my last video when Stella fought the last ninja. Sasha will use the same methods. She will kick him he will raise up from the pain then she will knee him back to the floor. She will do this 10 times with close ups of her heels and legs from different angles but use some angles like the images as well. After that she will stomp and twist her heels on his balls (crushing sounds) for about five mins until he is destroyed from the pain. Use many close ups of her heels and legs from behind at this point of the video like the images. After the ninja is destroyed she will hold her heel on his balls untill the camera takes a full shot of different angles for about a min and fades out. The end.

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Bionic Sasha wearing mules

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