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  • Bionic Stella vs 3 ninjas

Custom clip request 

Bionic Woman.

Stella is a bionic police woman making an arrest on criminals. She wears the same dress in Agent Lesley Part 1(GIF picture below of outfit I want her to wear. No stockings. Bare legs and high heel mules.

No ankle straps. Close ups of her face, cleavage, legs, and heels thoughout. Some makeup on her face. Don't wear anything around your neck. No gloves. There is dialogue mentioned in the script. Feel free to add more to it.

A few requests for this video:

- slow motion shots

- All Head kicks will cause a knock down to the ground

- lots stomps (Twist on groin with heels on or kicks once the attackers are on the ground)

- crunching sound effect/or egg cracking sounds when kicking balls or stomping balls

- Please no skinny guys(Ninja in the video)Only guys with a belly/fat. If you can't find I don't want the video made.

Scene 1

3 stocky ninjas break into Stella's apartment to try to capture her. She will defeat all of them by only using groin Attacks. Stella will kick them all to the ground either by a head kick/ ballbusting grab,kick,punch,and elbows. When they fall to the ground she will kick and stomp a hole in their groin. She will finsh them with a neck snap between her legs then place her foot on their groin and do a victory pose and walk out the room.

Scene 2

A Fat guy in ninja outfit will meet her in a hallway. He will walk up to her and as her what happen to my ninjas? How did you escape? Stella will say nothing but walk up to him and give him a hard knee in the balls. (Add slow motion after the knee and repeat 2 times.) When falls he will fall to his knees. She will say still not down? Then give him a few kicks in the balls while he is on his knees. Then he will fall face down. She will laugh and walk back to her room.

Scene 3

She returns back to her room the find all the ninjas gone. She then gones to sit the sofa to rest. She closes her eyes (camera of her high heels and legs) She opens her eyes and the same ninja in the hall stands in front of her. He says now I got you! She kicks him in the balls from the sofa a lot of slow motion a lot of kicks. He falls to his knee in front of her. She kicks him hard in the head and he falls back. She stands up and walks slowly to his body on the floor. She kicks open his legs while he is on his back. She looks up and takes a deep breath the delivers a very hard kick to his balls. This causes him to get off his back into a seated position then she kicks/knees him in the head back to the floor. (Do this 6 times) Finally he lay flat on his back and she twist his groin with the heel of her heels in his balls untill he passout. 

She does one last victory pose foot on groin and walk out the room.

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Bionic Stella vs 3 ninjas

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