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  • Sasha vs iron balls Jones

Custom clip request 

Sasha vs Iron balls (karate, ballbusting mainly upward groin kick)


Sasha wears karate top 

Iron balls wears shorts .(no mask is possible)

This is sequel to “Iron balls Jarvis “ who was finished by Lesley. 

Iron Balls Jones is the brother of Jarvis who was finished off, and he wants revenge. He challenges Sasha the sister of Lesley  who finished “Iron Balls Jarvis”, and he wants to avenge his Brother by finishing her sister, then he will finish Lesley but he wants Lesley to suffer first. 

Sasha is trained in kung fu and equally as her sister. 

Jones is warming up in the gym, Sasha walks in and looks him up an down ,

“So…you are Iron balls Jones…. “

Jones says “ I am stronger than my brother .you can’t win this time, I have balls made of Iron…. your kicks won’t harm me”. 

She smiles and says “ we shall see….Iron Balls…. I will get you in the balls.. and the last sound you will hear is your balls being crushed under my foot!.   

Sasha warms up with stretching her legs. ( 1 minute of warming up/stretches) 

They stand opposite , bow and then take a karate pose. He tries a round kick, Sasha drops to the ground and gives an upward groin kick .

He grabs his balls and groans falls to his knees, he gets up and tries again with the round kick. He is like his brother , and does not learn .

He Keeps doing the round kicks, and she keeps doing the upward groin kick from the ground. She learnt this from her sister . She smiles and laughs as she watches him struggle to get up . 

(mostly upward groin kicks from  the ground) He is stupid and never learns,

Sasha walks around him whilst he lays on the floor in pain. She taps him with her foot , get up she says…. she taunts him “ iron balls!…you are joking, your balls are soft. “ (include as much taunting as you like about his balls being weak)

Iron balls gets up, Sasha does front kicks to his balls and punches, 

He tries a round kick but she grabs his leg and kicks his balls. He falls to the ground , she stomps on his balls and twists her foot into them. 

Sasha spreads his legs on the floor, she lays down and squeezes his balls with her toes, and laughs.

Iron balls is very tired after his beating and she helps him on to his feet . She walks behind him , kneels down on one knee and does a groin grab with her hand(claw) from behing, she squeezes for about 1 minute , finally lets go .  He falls to his ground.

Sasha does a kick from the ground, trips him up with her leg and hits his balls with her heel ( see Gif 1.)

Sasha decides to finish him with her sisters favourite move .” The headscissor/ball crush”  

She finishes him with one leg and crushes his balls with her foot.  she keeps him there for a minute before crushing his balls with her toes , Crunch!….she laughs ,and says “ Sorry Iron Balls….!”   and then breaks his neck with her leg. 

Sasha gets up , looks down at his body. Sasha smiles and says “Send my love to your brother Iron Balls “ and laughs.. the walks out. 

The end. 

Feel free to add other kicks, punches to the groin karate chops to the groin , also some throws, sweeps .

Mostly it is the upward groin kick from the ground. Sasha is trained in kung fu like Bruce Lee, perhaps she can do the sounds that Bruce lee does or karate sounds. Hiya… .

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Sasha vs iron balls Jones

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