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  • Sasha punishes the perverts kicking their balls

Custom clip request 


Characters: Sasha + three male actors (different actors please). It will be Sasha, one male playing a fake photographer, another male playing a pervert assailant, and a third male playing Sasha’s friend Jack.

Dialogue: English, please! I was interested in having Sasha act for this custom because she can speak some English.


Location: Anywhere (but if indoors, there should be lots of natural light)

Wardrobe: Sasha is wearing a casual but fashionable outfit, including a short skirt

Plot: Model meets fake photographer (first male actor) for “photoshoot”

Sasha is a new model who meets a photographer for a photoshoot. They shake hands and it starts out professional. However, she quickly notices that he has no camera and is just using his phone camera instead. It is clear he is not a real photographer and is just using that as an excuse.

Sasha: “Where is the camera? You are a professional photographer right?”

Man: “Of course, I am a professional. Just do what I say.”

Sasha is suspicious but decides to give him a break. The shoot goes okay initially, but he quickly starts taking making it uncomfortable, demanding that they switch from fashion shoot to underwear shoot. She refuses, and he gets upset.

Sasha: “If you keep being unprofessional, I’m going to leave.”

Man: “Ok ok, fine, I’ll be professional. Maybe we should take a break first.”

They take a break, and while she is distracted, he tries to shoot pictures from under her skirt when she isn’t looking! She catches him and gets angry and slaps him.

He slaps her back. This shocks her and she immediately grabs her stuff and leaves. As she leaves, the man laughs at her and insults her.

SCENE 2 (1-2 minutes): “MORE TROUBLE WITH MEN”

Location: Outside anywhere

Wardrobe: Same as Scene 1

Plot: Sasha walks home from photoshoot and gets harassed by another man (second male actor)

While Sasha is walking home from her terrible “photoshoot”, another man sees her walking by and starts whistling at her, catcalling her, following her, etc.

Sasha tries to ignore him and walks faster to get away, but he chases after her. He catches up to her, putting his hands on her body, grabbing her butt and trying to grab her breasts, etc. He laughs while she struggles to get away.

Finally she somehow manages to get away but she is very upset, crying and traumatized. She runs away and can hear the man laughing in the background. He yells, “I’ll get you next time. Maybe if I’m feeling nice I’ll use a condom! Ha ha haha….”

Sasha is even more upset now as she runs away.

SCENE 3 (1-2 min): “A CALL FOR HELP”

Location: Indoors (Sasha’s home)

Wardrobe: Sasha is wearing something more comfortable at home now (any comfortable outfit is ok)

Plot: Sasha calls her male friend Jack (third male actor) for help in dealing with nasty men. However, she does not know that Jack is also a pervert and secretly just wants to spend time with her in the hopes of manipulating her.)

Sasha is home now and calls Jack. (Can you do a half-and-half split screen, so you can see both people at once while they are talking on the phone?)

Sasha on phone: “Jack, I had a terrible day today.”

Jack: “What happened?”

Sasha: “I was harassed by a fake photographer who kept trying to undress me and even tried to take photos of me up my skirt.”

Jack: “That sounds awful!”

Sasha: “Then a different man was touching me. I wanted to really hurt him, but I don’t know how to protect myself.”

Jack: “How horrible! I’m sorry that happened. Look, you should come over to my gym. I will teach you self-defense.”

Sasha: “Wow, that sounds great! You would do that for me??”

Jack: “Of course, anything for you. I will teach you how to deal with men like that. Luckily for you, I am different.”

Sasha: “You are such a good friend, Jack. I’m so glad I can trust you. It’s like you’re the last good man left on the planet. I will be right over.”

Jack (smiling now): “Great, great...Oh, and Sasha? Wear a swimsuit for training...”

Sasha (a little confused and uncomfortable): “...A swimsuit? But why?”

Jack: “Oh...just so you can uh...move and kick freely…”

Sasha (a little uncomfortable and weirded out, but she trusts Jack so she goes along with it): “Umm...ok. If you say so.”

Jack: “Come on over.”

After they hang up, Jack can be seen smiling evilly.

Scene 4 (10-12 min): “THE TRAINING”

Location: Gym/Exercise area

Wardrobe: Sasha is wearing a one-piece swimsuit (initially with a dress worn over the swimsuit) and white sneakers

Plot: Jack trains Sasha in self-defense. While he is teaching her, he also admires her body secretly from different angles and can barely contain himself.

Sasha shows up at the gym initially wearing something to cover herself, like a dress. She is also wearing white sneakers. She is eager to start. Jack is happy to see her and greets her, but then says, “Wait, didn’t I tell you to wear a swimsuit? Uh...for freedom of movement, I mean.”

Sasha: “Hi Jack, yes you did, and I’m wearing one under this dress. Shall we start?” She innocently takes off her dress to reveal the swimsuit. She does this without thinking because she trusts Jack as a friend.

Jack is clearly delighted but tries to remain calm. He first teaches her the basics: punches, front kicks, side kicks, etc. (You can be creative here, but no groin attacks yet though!). For each move, he explains and demonstrates once or twice and then has her practice multiple times. For each move, she starts off slow and awkward, but learns very quickly, and gets faster and more powerful and confident with each repetition. While practicing, she is striking the air (or a dummy) for each move, pretending there’s an actual attacker there. She should do about 8-10 repetitions for each move, getting better and better each time.

As she’s doing the moves, Jack says: “While you practice, I will examine you from different angles...uhh...just to make sure you are doing it right, of course.” Then as she’s practicing, he walks around her and checks her out from various angles.

(Important: Various camera angles here while she practices the strikes, as if it’s from Jack’s POV (point of view).)

Jack: “You are a fast learner! Now you are ready to learn how to strike the most lethal target...the balls. You must only use this move if you’re serious about hurting the man. One strike and it’s over.”

Sasha is clearly very eager and interested to learn.

Sasha: “Well I like the sound of that! I’ve always wanted to kick a man in the balls…” she says with a big smile.

Jack teaches her the following three moves: 1) front kick to the groin, 2) knee to the groin, and 3) stomp & grind. Like before, he teaches and shows her once or twice, and then has her practice each move many times in a row.

(Important: Camera angles again should be varied. Please include low camera angles from the back, sides, and also front while she is kicking. Same variation of camera angles for her practicing the knees and stomps too, please.)

Also important: Sasha clearly likes this part of the training the most. She practices the moves with a smile on her face, obviously enjoying herself. Sometimes she even tries not to laugh while Jack explains each groin attack.

After she’s done practicing, Jack says: “Excellent job. Clearly you have intuition for aiming there.”

Sasha laughs and jokes: “Yes, it’s my favorite. Does that make me a bad person? Haha, well, maybe I should practice that on YOU!” she says jokingly, as she fakes a kick towards him and laughs. Jack chuckles nervously as he covers his groin with his hands.

Sasha thanks Jack for teaching her, and cheerfully leaves the gym in her swimsuit and sneakers, while holding her dress. Camera angle should follow her for a while, from a lower angle showing her butt and legs as she walks away.

For the last shot in this scene, we see Jack tilting his head to the side, very obviously checking her out as she walks away and he is enjoying the view.


Location: Same location as in Scene 1

Wardrobe: Sasha is wearing a cute casual outfit, with underwear underneath

Plot: Sasha has tricked the fake photographer into thinking she wants another photoshoot with him, but is actually there to teach him a lesson. She meets him at his location.

Man/Photographer: “I must say, I am surprised you called me for another photoshoot. You didn’t get enough the first time, huh?” (He starts checking out her body and acting sleazy.)

Sasha: “I guess I just wanted to explore my wild side...”

Man/Photographer: “Yes, yes, I like to hear that.” (He walks over to the door.) “In fact, today is your lucky day. It’s a lingerie photoshoot today. Take it off, bitch. Ha ha hahaha...” (As he says this, he very obviously locks the door to try and intimidate her.)

Sasha smiles innocently and starts slowly undressing down to her underwear.

The man holds up his phone and starts to take pictures of her. Sasha says, “Wait, I know a pose I want to try…” and walks up slowly to him. Suddenly her expression changes from flirtatious to vengeful, and she kicks him hard in the balls, without warning! (Important: Camera angle must be filmed from a low angle between the man's legs, but behind him, so that you can see Sasha’s kicking leg coming up from between the man's legs.)

The man reacts in pain. He drops to his knees while clutching himself and gasping for air. Sasha smiles and says, “Bullseye!” with an air of satisfaction. She gets into a fighting stance while the man slowly gets up. He says, “Bitch, you’re gonna pay for that.”

The two of them fight for a while, and Sasha has the upper hand most of the time. During this fight, there are mixed attacks to various targets like a normal fight. (Sasha should perform only rare groin attacks here...mostly kicks and punches to head, face, body, legs, etc.).

Near the end of the fight, the man is stunned as Sasha defeats him. She now ends the fight with a hard kick to the balls. He crumples to the floor in pain.

Sasha: “Well, this has been a productive lesson in how to respect women, don’t you think?”

She smiles and starts to walks away.

The man says, “You’re trash. You fight like the bitch that you are…” as he stands up slowly.

Upon hearing this, Sasha stops. Her facial expression changes to angry again. She turns around, walks up to him, and says, “This....”

She kicks him in the balls (low camera angle). He reacts in pain.

Sasha: “...is what happens to perverts.”

She then kicks him in the balls again (another different low camera angle).

Sasha: “They lose their balls.”

Then she gathers up her strength, looks down at his balls, and kicks him there one final time. This final kick is the one that castrates him (there should be a crunching sound different from the rest). It is so powerful that it lifts him slightly off the ground.

(Important: She should yell, “Hi-YAAA!” for this final kick. There should be 4-5 multiple replays of the complete kick, all from different angles, all with the “crunch” sound effect. Please include a fairly close angle from behind her and from low down, so that you can see her butt and legs while she kicks. The final replay should be filmed at a low angle and from behind the man’s legs again). It is important that the kick looks forceful, and that the entire motion of the kick is seen in all replays.)

The man is in extreme pain. As he slumps to the floor grabbing his ruined balls, Sasha puts her hands on her hips and very slowly rocks her hips from side to side in front of him. The camera angle should be from behind Sasha, and from between her legs so you can see the man slump down clutching himself.

Then she takes his phone and walks over to him. She says, “This is the photo I wanted to get.” She puts her arm around him (he is still in severe pain, too weak to fight back), holds up his phone, smiles into the camera, and takes a selfie with him. Then she leaves, saying, “Asshole.”


Location: Outside rooftop (or anywhere outside where there is privacy)

Wardrobe: Sasha is wearing sexy casual outfit over a bikini (two-piece bikini this time, and different color from previous outfits)

Plot: Sasha will lure the man from Scene 2 to the rooftop, where she will have her revenge.

Sasha walks past where she was assaulted in Scene 2, knowing that the same man will be there. Of course, he is there hiding and sees Sasha. He follows her. Sasha leads him to the rooftop while pretending that she doesn’t see him. Once at the rooftop, she takes off her outfit to reveal the bikini. She pretends to stretch in her bikini while the man slowly sneaks up on her.

Just when he is about to grab her, she reaches behind her and grabs his balls. She says, “Got you, pervert! Got you by the balls!” The man reacts in shock and pain, and tries to wrestle her hands away. She squeezes & twists his balls while looking angry. (Please show some shots of her face as she grabs & twists.)

Finally, the man hits her and breaks free. They start fighting. Like the previous fight, this fight should have Sasha gaining the upper hand most of the time. Again, this fight should show a variety of attacks to different targets, with only rare groin attacks.

Towards the end of the fight, the man pulls out a knife. Sasha disarms him and grabs the knife. He tries to kick her, but she blocks by grabbing his leg.

While still holding on to his leg, she kicks him hard in the balls. (Camera angle should be low and behind the man, so that we see Sasha’s kicking leg coming up to nail him.)

While still holding his leg, she kneels down in front of him and stabs upwards into his groin with the knife, castrating him. (Still the same camera angle as from the kick just now).

Sasha watches him as he clutches himself and slowly crumples to the floor in pain. She stands over him, looking smug. “One less pervert,” she says.


Location: Back at Jack’s gym

Wardrobe: Sasha is wearing a casual outfit with underwear underneath (different pair; not the same as from scene 5)

Plot: It turns out that Sasha has suspected all along that Jack was not truly her friend, and was a pervert trying to manipulate her all along.

Jack walks into his gym. He is surprised to see Sasha there in a casual outfit, already waiting for him. He is usually happy to see her. But this time however, he senses that the mood is different and is a little worried. He tries to pretend nothing is wrong at first.

Sasha: “I’ve been waiting for you, Jack.”

Jack: “Sasha! What a nice surprise! What are you doing here?”

Sasha: “It’s time I brought you to justice. You think I don’t know that you’ve been checking me out?”

Jack: “Wait, what are you talking about? No no no, I swear, I didn’t---”

Sasha: “I’m not stupid, Jack. Teaching me self-defense in a swimsuit? Checking out my body while I’m practicing? Give me a break. You were so obvious. You’re disgusting, you’re just as bad as the other men I took care of.”

Jack: “Wait, I can explain. Let me explain---”

Sasha: “You of all people should know what happens to perverts. I’m not leaving until I bring you to justice.”

She gets into a fighting stance. Jack finally drops the act and laughs, saying, “Ha ha hahaha, well ok then bitch, have it your way. You think the student can beat the master? The little girl thinks she can fight.”

They start fighting. Like before, the fights should have mixed attacks. (No groin attacks yet!) But this time, Jack clearly has the upper hand and is in control. He easily blocks most of her attacks and dominates the fight. Any hits that Sasha lands on Jack don’t do much harm.

Jack gets more and more cocky, laughing as he beats her. While she is dazed, he forces off her clothes and now strips her down to her underwear.

Jack grabs her and says: “Sasha Sasha Sasha...I finally have you right where I’ve always wanted you. Haven’t you learned that this would eventually happen? Haven’t you learned anything?”

(Sasha is enraged that Jack has stripped her clothes off, leaving her in her underwear only. Here is where the fight suddenly starts to turn in Sasha’s favor.)

Sasha: “Yes….I’ve learned THIS!” She suddenly grabs his balls and squeezes. This is instantly effective and Jack reacts in pain as she squeezes & twists without mercy.

Once she finally lets go, we see that his demeanor has changed. He is terrified because he knows he is going to lose, now that she has targeted his weak spot.

Sasha: “I’ve also learned this!”

She then grabs his shoulders and knees him hard in the balls, once, twice, three times in a row. (Important: Different camera angles here, one showing her butt and legs as she knees him, another showing her angry face as she knees him, and third different angle as well). Please make the knees look forceful and convincing; they should almost lift him off the ground.)

Jack is clutching himself and trying to back away, in severe pain.

Sasha: “And this!”

She gives him front kicks to the balls, again three times in a row, pausing for a second between each kick.

(Important: Different camera angles here too for each kick. These kicks should look forceful and almost lift him off the ground too.)

Jack crumples to the floor and is laying on his back. Sasha walks up to him and kicks his legs away, spreading them apart.

Sasha lifts her leg up high over his groin, getting ready to stomp him.

(Please have the camera angle should be from Jack’s POV from the ground, looking up at Sasha with her leg raised over his groin.)

Jack pleads for her to spare him: “No, please Sasha, not my balls, please!”

Sasha: “Never betray a woman who knows where to aim!” She stomps down HARD on his balls. The stomp ruins his manhood, and she slowly grinds her foot in to destroy anything that’s left. It should look forceful, and there should be sound effects to indicate that she has castrated him.

(Important: Please include multiple replays of her stomping down, from different low angles, including from Jack’s POV, and also from behind Sasha, and also from her side, etc. Her leg starts off high and she brings it down hard and fast with a “crunch” for each replay.)

(Also important: Please also include the exact same low camera angle and also pose that Lora did at 11:43 from the film “The Day of Reckoning”, as she is grinding her foot in. This was the best part of the film!).

After a few seconds of the grinding, Jack finally out from the pain. Sasha looks satisfied, picks up her clothes, and walks out of the gym while still in her underwear and holding her clothes. The camera angle is following behind Sasha again from a low angle (just like at the end of Scene 4.)

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Sasha punishes the perverts kicking their balls

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