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  • Roxy is a nutcracker

Hi! I have another request for a custom clip with Roxy and 4 attackers. The video can be short (I was thinking around ten minutes, but can be less depending on how long the script takes to play out.)  Here are the details:

A few requests for this video:

- No slow motion shots

- No stomps or kicks once the attackers are on the ground

A bunch of ninjas break into Roxy's apartment to try to capture her. She will defeat all of them by only using groin strikes. Roxy should be wearing the same (or similar) outfit from "Roxy in leather destroys the gang." The ninjas should all be wearing black balaclavas or ski masks, and dressed in black.

In the beginning, four ninjas enter Roxy's living room. They are walking around looking for her. She sneaks up on them from behind and taps one on the shoulder. When he turns around, she smiles and waves at him and then gives him a HARD kick in the balls. He cries out in pain, clutches his balls, drops to his knees, and collapses face-first on the ground while holding his crotch. Roxy walks around his body and faces the next three men. She enters a karate stance and motions for the men to attack her.

As the men attack her, she kicks each of them in the balls a few times. If they grab her from behind, she back-kicks them in the balls until they let go. She can also fight them with punches or karate chops to the balls. This goes on for a few minutes. Occasionally, the first guy she kicked will try to get up and recover, but she will walk over to him and kick him in the balls once from behind and he drops to his knees and collapses again. The other ninjas keep trying to attack her, only to be met with a combination of kicks, punches, knees or karate chops to the balls. Roxy should be mocking them as they are in pain, toying and flirting with them.

After toying with the ninjas for a bit, one of the ninjas tries to swing a kick at her, which she dodges but it makes her fall backwards and sit on a couch. The ninja tries to kick her again while she is sitting on the couch, but she catches his leg and holds onto it, leaving his crotch spread wide open. Roxy then repeatedly kicks him in the balls while he stands there, unable to move. She should kick him about twenty times. Then, she grabs his balls and squeezes, while sliding off the couch to be under his legs. She sits on the ground below him and begins punching up into his balls, pummeling them. After about twenty punches, she gives him one final extra hard punch to the nuts and really holds it there and mashes it in for a few seconds. She looks him in the eyes and smiles. She stands up behind him as he falls face-first into the couch, holding his balls. He lays lifeless on the couch except for the occasional twitch from his crotch.

The remaining ninjas look reluctant to attack her, but she motions for them to come forward. One ninja tries to swing a punch at her, but she dodges it and snaps a kick into his balls. He hunches over in pain, but she grabs him by the head and pulls his head up. She holds his head to keep him in place and then rapidly kicks him in the balls, about 15 times. After that, she lets go of his head and he clutches his balls, dropping to his knees.

The next ninja tries to kick her but she drops to her knees and reaches to his crotch and grabs and squeezes his balls. She squeezes hard and doesn't let go as the ninja screams in pain and slowly drops to his knees. She squeezes even harder and you can hear a crunching sound. After a few seconds, the ninja looks as if he is going to faint. Roxy mockingly blows him a kiss, lets go of him, and gently shoves his face, causing him to fall over backwards.

The final ninja (the first one to get kicked) is finally getting to his feet again. Roxy begins walking towards him and he puts his hands up, pleading with her for no more kicks. Roxy smirks and kicks him hard in the balls. He holds his balls in pain as she looks at him suffering and laughs. She kicks him again in the balls, even harder. She pauses for a few seconds, enjoying his pain, and then kicks him again. And again. After about five kicks, he waves his arms, begging for her to stop. She winds up for an extra hard kick and kicks him in the balls so hard that you hear a crunching sound. His eyes go wide as he clutches his balls, and he immediately drops to his knees and falls flat on the floor. Roxy looks around at the four ninjas holding their balls and smiles. She dusts her hands off and leaves the room.

Language:  Russian with English subtitles



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Roxy is a nutcracker

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