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Act 1 (approximately 4-5 minutes): Masked man breaks into Wonder Eriny's home while she is showering. Eriny comes out of the bathroom wearing a bathrobe and drying her hair with a towel, and is shocked to see the intruder, yelling for him to leave immediately. The burglar sees an opportunity to take advantage of her and starts acting like a creep. She tells him that she is giving him a chance to walk away unhurt, and that she "knows where to aim to hurt a man."

He laughs and after a very brief struggle, they end up on the ground with him on top of her. She is somehow able to push him off, then stands up and magically transforms into Wonder Eriny (which she will be wearing for the rest of this fight). The man laughs and starts to unbuckle his belt. He laughs evilly and says, "Looks like now I get to have a little extra fun with a pretend superheroine." Eriny responds with, "Looks like now you get to have your balls crushed" and immediately walks up to him and grabs his balls.

At first he tries to remain tough and struggles, then as Eriny squeezes more he becomes more scared. Eventually he begs and says, "Ok please let go! Please let go!" She says, "I'll let go, just so I can do this!" and then immediately delivers a hard front kick to his balls, yelling, "Hii-yaaah!" This first groin kick should be filmed from a low angle between the man's legs, but behind him, so that you can see Eriny's kicking leg coming up from between the man's legs. 

The man reacts in agony dropping to his knees and clutching himself. As he is getting up, Eriny says, "If you are not going to be a gentleman, then I'm not going to be ladylike" then pulls his hands away from his groin and delivers another front kick to the balls. Different camera angle this time (maybe from slightly behind and to the side), but still from a low angle where you can see Eriny's legs. The man again drops and is groaning in pain.

He slowly gets up and then Eriny asks who he works for. He refuses to tell her and then they continue to fight, with different punches, kicks, etc. Eriny lands an occasional kick or knee to the balls here and there but it should otherwise have some variety (hits/kicks to the body, face, etc.), kind of similar to the first fight in "Day of Reckoning." Eriny can take an occasional hit but should recover fairly quickly and should be in control of the fight overall. Finally, the man is dazed and Eriny again says, "Who do you work for?" He reluctantly tells her he has two other men he works with and tells her where to find them. Eriny says, "Good to know....but you didn't think I was done with my favorite target, now did you?"

At this point Eriny does many front kicks and knees one after the other, all to the balls. Some kicks, then some knees, then some kicks. After every few kicks, the main should clutch his balls in agony. Eriny removes his hands from his groin and continues kicking/kneeing there. Can you please do lots of different camera angles at this point and also show Eriny's face during some of the attacks to show her anger. Her kicks and knees should make contact coming from underneath the groin (not from the front), and she should be powerful in her attacks with the leg fully extended (the kick at 4:14 of Day of Reckoning is a perfect example). Also, the best camera angles would be fairly close, but far away enough so that you see her kicking legs and part of her body.

After she stops, the man is clutching himself in extremely agony but somehow still standing. He is moaning in pain and says, "You bitch, you broke my balls!" Eriny finally smirks a little and says, "You're right, I probably did. But, just to be on the safe side..." and then powerfully pulls his hands away from his groin and launches her hardest front kick to the balls while yelling "Hii-yaaah!!" again angrily. Importantly, this final kick should be replayed from multiple low angles, with the very last one again being the angle from between the man's legs and behind him (like the very first kick in the fight). (A slow-motion replay or two would be great here.) The impact should have a distinct crunching sound effect, different from the other attacks, to signify that she has indeed crushed his balls. The man crumples to the floor, gasping for air and writhing in pain before falling on the floor. As he falls to the floor, Eriny simply says, "These boots were made for kicking." She watches him with satisfaction, hands on her hips and walking around him slowly.

Act 2 (approximately 4-5 minutes): Eriny finds the second henchman (outside is preferred, but if the weather is not good, then indoors is okay too). She is wearing the Wonder Eriny outfit. She confronts him and tells him, "Your friend told me where to find you. I'm here to make you pay for all the women you have harmed." The man laughs and says, "If you come here dressed like this, then you must be wanting something more. Time to pop your cherry!!" Eriny replies with, "How about I give you what I gave your friend - a pair of scrambled eggs."

The man, realizing one of his other men has been defeated, gets angry and starts attacking Eriny suddenly. She staggers after a few hits and is dazed. He laughs and says, "Silly little woman thinks she can fight a man. I'm gonna take extra time with you and give you 'special treatment.'" He grabs her by the throat, and Eriny is unable to break his hold and is struggling. She then gets an idea and says, "Wait....ok...I'll give you what you want" and pretends to change her tone and seduce him. He loosens his grip and smiles and starts saying, "Yes, yes..." like a creep. She runs her hands slowly down his face to his shoulders and then suddenly delivers an angry, hard offscreen knee to his balls (while leaving her knee planted in his groin).  They both freeze somewhat, and the camera then slowly pans down and we see Eriny's knee firmly planted in the man's balls. Then Eriny whispers, "My turn" into the man's ear and then suddenly delivers several more knees to the groin in rapid succession. The camera angles for these knees should be low and behind Eriny, so that we see a view of her leg and butt as she knees him repeatedly.

The man crumples to the floor, gasping for breath. Eriny walks over and kicks him a few times in the body and then the face. He is stunned. Eriny walks over to where his feet are and kicks his legs out of the way, spreading them and exposing his groin. She lifts her leg up high (similar to around 10:50 of "Day of Reckoning") over his groin, getting ready to stomp on it. She says, "You know what's coming next..."  The man begs, "No, no, please no, not my balls" and Eriny says, "oh yes, but this is the best part" and then stomps down hard and angrily while yelling, "HAAAA!!" Importantly, the camera angle here should be low and looking upwards, just like at 11:10 of Day of Reckoning. Eriny should grind her heel viciously and slowly, and the camera angle should be just like 11:43 from Day of Reckoning while she is doing it (I love that angle from the previous video!). Eriny should have a mostly angry expression, but towards the end of the grinding should have a slight smirk on her face. The sound effects should be similar too, with some crunching. Finally, Eriny should say, "And what were you saying earlier about popping cherries again?" and (same low camera angle again) gives one final sharp, hard twist of her leg, with one final loud crunch sound effect, leaving him castrated. The man shakes and groans in extreme pain.

Act 3 (approximately 4-5 minutes): Eriny goes to deal with the final man, who is the boss. She is wearing a cape over the Wonder Eriny outfit. The boss sees her and demands to know who she is. She said she's "the one responsible for leaving his other two men with a sex change". She then takes off the cape to reveal the Wonder Eriny outfit. The boss man laughs and says, "Did you come here to get revenge, or did you come here to satisfy me? I like it when a woman make things easy for me." He laughs and approaches her.

Eriny and the boss fight with mixed attacks for a while, and it's relatively evenly matched. Again, Eriny goes for the groin occasionally, and the man reacts accordingly but recovers. (With the groin attacks, please use some different and closer camera angles.) Finally, the man is able to stun Eriny. The man goes in for a bear hug and Eriny is unable to break his hold - however, she manages to pull the g.. from his back pocket and suddenly aims it at his head.

He panics and lets go of her, saying, "No no please don't finish me." Eriny looks at him coldly and considers finishing him, but then says, "Maybe you're right" and slowly lowers her aim down his body, eventually putting the end of the g.. into the front of his pants while still holding on to the trigger. She backs him against the wall with the g.. in place. The man is terrified.

Eriny says, "You really won't be needing these anymore" and then pulls the trigger twice, shooting each of his balls from within his pants. After the two shots, Eriny is still calmly holding the g.. in his pants as he yells in pain, clutching himself. He yells, "You bitch, you shot off my balls!" Eriny says, "Goodbye balls....and goodbye dick" and shoots him one last time, this time in his penis. She then takes the g.. out of his pants as he sinks to the floor. 

He slumps to the ground down to his knees, clutching himself in extreme pain. The camera angle is now POV from the man's perspective. He looks up slowly and the camera pans up slowly to reveal Eriny standing over him and looking down at him, with her hands on her hips. He now understands he has been completely dominated by her.

She then gives her final speech: "I just blew off your dick and balls. I've always wanted to do that. That's for all the women you've hurt. Eliminating you would have been letting you off easy, so I want you to live with this. I want you to remember, every time you can't take a piss or have pleasure, I want you to remember that it was a woman who did this to you."

With her work done, Eriny sarcastically smiles and blows him a kiss. She then turns around and casually and slowly walks away. The camera follows closely behind her from a mid to low angle, giving a view of her butt and legs as she walks away. 

The end.

Language:  Russian with English subtitles

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Wonder Eriny crushes the balls

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