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  • Doug's balls in trouble when he's in the ring with Lora

Custom clip request  

Lora has very long legs is dressed as in”Dirty fight no rules  , barefoot…… include a towel also . It is set in a boxing ring.

She is facing her final match , her final opponent. in an anything goes match… She tells him no man can defeat her ,she has strong , and long legs and they have destroyed many mens testicles….    and he is next..

They start of exchange punches… you can do a mixture of face and body, groin. . but include lots of uppercuts to the balls. From behind if possible…also  you kick him in the face and he falls to the ground, his legs exposed you punch to the balls… 

Kicks to the balls , from behind and MANY MANY upward groin kicks (from  the ground) when he tries to throw a kick…   she is sneaky and gets her man in the balls all the time.. it gets her excited,

He falls to the ground when you do the upward groin kick, and you smile as you watch him cup his balls in pain and get up slowly, you circle around him shout at him “GET UP!” 

You do judo throws also. You also use your thighs to hold him… He breaks free .  

when he is on the ground in pain  , you walk around him circling him with your hands on your hips smiling… 

You can mix it all up… 

Towards the end, he tries to escape the ring. she follows him and has her towel with her, she flicks him in the balls with her towel, many times and laughs….

Whilst he is on all fours on the ground she finishes him off with her towel.

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Doug's balls in trouble when he's in the ring with Lora

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