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Custom clip request 

The style of the fight and cinematography should be similar to “Who is the Best: Karina v Lora”. And no slow motions in this video.   


Lora: White top from Castratrix 2 and a pair of matching white spandex gym shorts.  If white shorts are not available, then the black gym shorts from (“Lora Against Matt: To Defeat the Champion”) will be fine.  Her hair should be down, NO ponytail.  She should also wear the white head band from "Lora Rescues Poor Guy".

The Guy: use any male actor best suited for this video.  He should wear black pants and a black mask like the guy from “First One Who Falls Out of the Ring Loses”

Both fighters should be barefoot.  There should be no dialogue in this video.            

The video begins with Lora and her opponent in the ring ready to fight. 

Don’t waste time on a lot of missed punches and kicks in this video.  This should be a hard hitting fight. 

The First Round should last about 3 minutes, and be a back and forth match.  Both fighters look equally matched, but Lora eventually loses as the guy puts her down with three roundhouse kicks to her face. 

Second Round should also last about 3 minutes: After laying on the ground for a few seconds, Lora gets up and continues the fight, but the guy has the upper hand now and exerts his superior strength. Lora fights back as hard as she can, but she knows she’s losing.  This is mostly a one-sided fight as the guy delivers a brutal beat-down on Lora. After a few minutes of her getting beat up, he punches her hard in the face several times, and then he finally finishes her off with a hard, deep kick up between her legs into her groin (three camera angles).  Lora hunches over cupping her crotch, staggers for a moment, then drops to the ground still covering her crotch.  The guy stands above her looking down as she rocks in pain.     

Third Round: Lora slowly gets up, takes off her head-band and throws it away.  She is really angry now and ready to fight dirty. Lora dodges his first two punches and immediately responds with a kick up between his legs, into his balls (two camera angles). After dropping to his knees and covering his groin, he recovers and the fight continues.  Lora is now in command of the rest of the fight.  All of Lora’s moves are now directed at his balls, with a few face punches and kicks used to set up groin blows. There should be lots of groin holding when he gets hit in the balls:

The following moves should be executed by Lora in this round (in no particular order):

-       She puts him in the corner and furiously kicks him in the balls five times in a row (like in Castratrix 2).

-       He grabs her from behind and she mule kicks his balls.

-       She grabs him in a head lock and mule kicks him in the balls.

-       He goes for a roundhouse kick, but she drops to the ground and kicks up in his groin. 

-       He grabs her in a front bear hug, and she drives her knee up his balls three times to break the hold (a short pause between each knee).

-     He pins her against the ropes and she knees him in the balls to escape (like in “First One Who Falls Out of The Ring Loses”). 

-        As he lays on the ground, she lifts his legs by the ankles and stomps his balls.

-     While down on his knees begging her to stop, she stands in front of him and kicks him in the balls. 

-     Any other creative groin blows you can think of – your choice.  I like the ones used in “First one who falls out of the ring loses”

After a while she sees that he’s beaten and can’t fight anymore, so she decides to finish him off:

Finishing Moves:  she pushes him against the ropes and punches him in the stomach five times making him slump over.  She then knees him in the face.  He hangs on the ropes as she pauses to look at his helpless body.  Then she finishes him off with a vicious kick up between his legs, into his balls.  He drops face first to the ground and clutching his balls, while Lora stares down at him.

After laying there a few seconds, he slowly crawls out of the ring in a desperate attempt to get away.  Lora slowly walks behind him and picks up a kendo stick sitting outside the ring.  The guy crawls to the center of the outer ring area, with Lora behind him. He slowly stands up, not realizing she is there.  When he turns around, she swings the stick (with both hands) up between his legs very hard crushing what’s left of his balls (three camera angles). Lora holds the stick up in his groin as he grabs on to the other end shoved deep in his crotch.  They stare into each other’s eyes, his filled with agony and her’s with power.  After about 15 seconds, she pulls the stick out from his crotch and he drops face first on the mat.  She throws the stick down and stares at her victim with a smirk, enjoying the satisfaction of victory.  THE END.       

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No rules. No mercy

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