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  • Enslaved superheroes

Executive summary of the clip 

Naomi is a villain who can control weakened minds and drain the life power from her victims by creating for them infinite-looping illusions and keeping them in a vegetative state. However, the victim must be weakened (usually

after a good beating). She was driven away from the city she controlled by superheroes Steve and Tom when they moved to the city. Steve is not very strong, nor resilient, but his skin is like a titanium armour, so any attack

doesn’t hurt him. He is affected only by an extremely rare mineral dust (Antitanium) that weakens his skinarmour on prolonged exposure. Tom is physically strong, but a mediocre fighter.

Naomi managed to get her hands on some Antitanium, so she plans to get back control of the city and enslave Steve and Tom.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Enslaved superheroes

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