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  • Mabel crushes and stomps the balls

Custom clip request 

Outfit for Mabel should be the same like Amazon Lesley squeezes and high heels mules with very shiny legs and feet.

Sven will wear sweatpants,a short sleeve shirt and a bank robber mask mouth part cut out. Large bulge in the groin area. Large room is the setting and stairways. (No jeans at anytime)

Thug is on the floor but moaning. Mabel sits in a chair with her feet on him crossing her legs. With her heels on his belly and groin playfully and he moans.

He asks her how did I get here?

She rolled her eyes and asked, ``What did you say?

She gets out of the chair and She watches him slowly rise for a few seconds then kicks him in the balls with her heels. He yells, my balls! This should be toes into his groin and she keeps them there for a second or so. She grinds her heels until he is gone and he falls back. Pushing his groin in the air with his back arched from the floor but she stomps it back down with her heels on his balls. I crushed your balls, she says... Be as creative as you like with this. She will check his body and find a phone number. 

(During the call she sits in a chair with her heels on his balls) Camera close ups of her heels on his balls.

She calls it and a man picks up. Asking where the thug is? She answers and says she is his sister. The man says can you find his wallet? He owes me money. She says sure how much I should bring? He says bring $500. I'm texting you the address. She says I got it. Camera fades out.

All Sven in militia outfits (stairway thugs)

All thugs yell something.

She  taunts them with phrases like. Do you like what you see? 

Come get a closer look?

I'm sorry did I hurt your balls? I can try to be nice.

A thug stands at the door of the stairway. She knocks to come in. He opens the door and she chops him. Then grabs him by the throat. Where is your boss? She asks as he chokes from the pain. He points up and she knees him in the balls and snaps his neck.

She will fight 6 thugs one by one on that way up. Beating them with dirty tricks ( teasing them with her legs and heels rubbing on them) and high kicks, punches, fast kicks to the balls. Then ballbust and snapping their necks in different ways and walking over them.

She knocks on the door and the boss in POV view sends Sven to the door. He opens it and is punched in the face and kicked in, balls grabbed by the collar and pulled into the darkness. He screams my balls! No! Off camera. and the camera changes to the floor showing Mabel's heels walking in slowly. The boss, Sven , wears a dress up shirt and no jacket fitting khaki pants, sits at a desk and grabs a weapon and comes at her. She disarms him and kicks him in his head, sending him to the floor. She walks between his legs and kicks them open and stomps and grinds his balls for 5 minutes. He screams no stop. Oh my balls! No, my balls! She says take it you pig. I crush them to dust.

( and victory pose (in heels for a minute and a haft) with one heel on his groin from the behind head facing away and side head facing her left camera in front of her. She says this was not hard at all. Close up of heels on his balls. Camera fades out.

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Mabel crushes and stomps the balls

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