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  • Cyborg Sasha destroys the balls

Custom clip request 

Scene : 1  The video begins with Female Android powered down with her head facing down, a few seconds later she is activated and lifts up her head slowly and her eyes flash blue and proceeds too scan her surroundings ( show android vision),  puts on her sunglass and begins her mission, she walks up to the first guard who notices her and tells her to ( "too get the hell out the building") when she doesn't respond he puts his hand on her shoulder and tries to intimidate her, she grabs his hand and begins crushing it with a squeeze  ( make cracking sounds)  then does a troat lift ( show his legs being lifted off the ground)  puts against the wall and few seconds later snaps his neck.

Scene: 2 Guard hears her footsteps and turns around  and starts shoots her ( bullets bounce off ), the android walks towards him, takes his shooter away then beats him up with a few punches and kicks, then as the guard is on his knees she wraps her leg around his neck and chokes him to the and, ( She scans his body confirming he is finished) then proceeds with the mission.

Scene: 3 She going up the stairs, Guard hears her and follows her and attacks the android with punches to face ( which only annoy the android) damaging her glasses so she takes them off, when he tries too punch her again when she grabs his balls and pins him against the wall and finishes him with multiple punches to the head and body, she continues with her mission.

Scene: 4  Android scans her shoes ( show android vision)  realizing that her high mules make a lot of noise she takes them off and ( dangles and twists her feet for few seconds)  before continuing with her mission, the video cuts to where she is facing another Guard who is facing backwards to her and she slowly walks  toward him ( show the view from feet and kicks him in the balls from behind with her foot showing in the front, ( and holds her foot their few 7 seconds, show the kick from multiple angles ) after she removes her foot, he collapses to the guard then she lifts up her foot and asks him " where is your boss" Guard response is " go to hell "  android response " insufficient answer" and stomps his head with her foot finishing him. ( show the view from the ground showing the bottom of the foot) also show ( android vision)

Scene: 5  I will leave this scene too your imagination, must be at least 2 min long and she finishes two guards with hands and feet.

Scene: 6   Guard turns around and sees the android staring at him ( she raises her eyebrow) and kicks him in the face ( show slow motion) guard falls down and barely conscious, then the android strikes the same pose as in  ( Lesley punishes Fat Louie who made a big mistake at 3:45), then determines that instead of fear she will try to seduce the guard into giving her information about his boss,   so she puts her foot on her chest and slowly brings her foot down to his balls, (She then winks at guard with evil smirk)  the guard is confuzed and begins it rubbing and grinding his balls slowly and she asks him

 Android: "ask's where is your boss" 

Guard: " what the fuck" 

 Android: " please tell me while continue rub her feet at his groin" 

 Guard: "your gonna finish me after I tell you" 

 Android: " I won't I promise"

Guard: " Fuck you, metal bitch"

 Android: " you have then seconds before you lose your manhood, and begins to apply greater pressure"

Guard: " ok, ok fuck he is at 3rd floor room 11, so will you let me go

 Android:  "No, and crushes his balls" 

^^^^( show android vision through this whole scene)

Scene: 7  She finds his office, sits down on the chair  and puts her feet up on table and too make her self appear turned off and shuts herself down, 3 hours later the boss comes back to the office and sees her and says "what the fuck" and walks up to her says " get up bitch" and lifts up her head at this moment the android  activates and her eyes flash blue she quickly raps her feet around his neck and apply's a foot choke and  says " I have been ordered to finish you and throws him too the floor, then gets behind him on the ground and apply's a rear naked choke on him,  she places both her feet on oppside side of his groin and starts squeesing, the boss screams in pain, this goes on for 1 min before she releases him, while the boss is on the ground in agony, she gets up and strike the same pose as in  ( Lesley punishes Fat Louie who made a big mistake at 3:45), this goes on for few seconds before she lifts him up from the ground with one hand and throws him against the wall and begins a series of rapid kicks on head, stomach, groin ( show some of kicks in slow motion ) this goes for 40 seconds before the boss collapses to ground barely conscious, and she finishes him off with the "ground ballbusting technique" as shown in the pictures below.

Clothes: Black leader jacket, black skirt and black Tang top, no nylons, the legs must be oiled up and her toes are painted blue, she wears black mules heels. 

Important details: In the beginning of scene 4 the android takes off her shoes and is barefoot until end of the custom, her feet must be clean at all times, her behavior and body motion must be similar to a human, but different enough so someone will suspect she is a machine, during each scene please include sound effect to accompany her movement of arms and legs, the sound effect is called " Robot Movement Sound Effect", I uploaded the sound in the flies below, don't use this special effect all the time, but use it at least 2-3 times during each scene. She is ruthless and only fakes human emotion such as ( Anger, smiling, smirking) to strike fear into humans before finishing them. All the male guards wear masks except for the boss in Scene 7 

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Cyborg Sasha destroys the balls

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