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  • Goddess Sasha tramples the balls of her slave

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Sasha is the main character in this video. She will wear a very short skirt (Diana kicks and stomps the balls wearing mules) and high heel mules like (Stella kicks and tramples the balls) Bare shiny legs+feet and high heel mules or Eriny wears mules. Red or French toenails. Sven will wear sweatpants,t-shirt and mask. Large bulge in the groin area.


Thug will be spread eagle each time, with arms and legs open wide when he falls to ground.

Close up camera. Camera of legs and her rear.

She makes very sensual movements teasing him.

Wears different heels but mostly platform mules.

She calls him slow.

She says she will get him in shape.

She asks him how bad his balls hurt.

He begs her for mercy and says her legs are very sexy.

Scene #1

Goddess Sasha changes her high heels, while trampling the slave`s belly. She sits on a sofa, his body near her. Sasha is mean and beats on the slave's balls with her high heels! She also kicks the slave`s grion with the soles of her high heels. "She says kiss it"

Goddess Sasha makes the slave`s kiss her high heels soles, while she changes her shoes. She always steps on his belly. Goddess Sasha sensually rubs her bare feet and heels on his groin while she sits near him on the sofa. He moans and is weak under her control.

Scene #2

Goddess Sasha makes the slave`s kiss a shoe`sole, while she stabs his balls with a heel in her hand. "This is the only way you deserve to be near me,'' she says." "Goddess Sasha stands and tells him to move over to her." She wasted no time kicking him around on the floor and up against the wall. Kicking him in her heels and barefoot.

Scene #3

Goddess Sasha kneels down to the ground and punches his balls 12 times. He drops to the ground but gets up again! Goddess Sasha thinks she will have to finish him off quickly with a very sexy move. She wants to finish him by going for his balls with both her heels in hand. As she planned his balls are in pain. "She says now you won't be able to walk for days." He curls up and he falls down, she wraps one leg around his neck, and she digs her foot into his crotch with her other one, after a minute of watching him struggle, he stops . She laughs! Goddess Sasha gets up and smiles, she blows kisses at him and puts her shoes back on using his body(chair) then leaves.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Goddess Sasha tramples the balls of her slave

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