female fighting stories

  • Melanie got all the information trampling bandit's balls

Custom clip request 

Melanie will wear Red thong bikini.

She will only wear the red heels in: Red bathing suit no skirt. No pantyhose or stockings; bare legs and pink toe nails. She will wear black short gloves. Sven will wear sweatpants,t-shirt and mask. 

#Location Stairs

Melanie takes out 3 different thugs (fighting left up to you here). The 3rd she sneaks behind and eliminates a goon by chopping his neck. He falls down the stairs and ends with his legs spread. She walks down between his legs and checks his pockets. She finds his phone and looks for information about a dance club owner. She takes his phone. She says pole dancing club and smiles. Camera faded out.

#Dance Studio lights on no darkness

Melanie sits in the lap of a thug. She slaps his face to get him to wake up. The thug slowly wakes up and Melanie kicks him in his face. She uses the poles to do attacks on him for about 2 mins. He falls with his legs open on his back. She uses the pole near him to  trample him and stomp his body (neck, belly and groin) He stands and tries to fight back and lands One punch. She kicks him in the face and knocks him out. Camera fades out. She sits in a chair with him on the ground, legs spread eagle. She laughs and lightly puts her heels between his legs. The goon moans and wakes up. He begs her to be nice and he will give her the info she's trying to beat out of him. She says ok I know how to get you to talk. She takes off her heels on his body. Then she began rubbing her foot on his balls. She says it seems that you enjoy my sexy feet on your swollen balls. The goon moans in pleasure and gives up part of the info where a meeting is taking place. He says Yes thank you. What I tell you now, I could be finished by my boss. I should really not tell you this but the head gang leader is in town. He will check a new warehouse he bought from a bottle company. Use different camera angles as she rubs him. She asked him what time he was there?  He refused and she rubbed a different spot using her toes. He is a pile of mush at her feet now and he gives her the time. It will be in the morning  at 6 am, he says. She gets up and walks away. He gets up and then she uses a pole to grab his neck in a scissor hold around his neck. He fought for about 30 seconds and she snapped his neck. She puts back on her heels and stands. She puts her shoes between his legs and calls a fellow agent. She says the mission is complete. Yes I have the info on the gang leader. She says thank you. Then she says can you send someone over to clean up the mess I've made? Thank you. The camera from the side and behind is also above her heels on him. Then the camera fades out.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Melanie got all the information trampling bandit's balls

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