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  • Ivy seduces and destroys the bandit trampling his balls
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The clothes for Ivy (tiny string , dark brown/black stockings, black high heels mules (Ivy completed her mission getting the papers). Sven will wear sweatpants and a long-sleeved sweatshirt. Big bulge in the groin area of sweatpants. In this video  Ivy punishes the Gang leader who made a big mistake. He is laying on the floor at the beginning of the video with his legs spread wide. She is sitting in a chair with her legs crossed. For less than a minute. Her legs are visible in the foreground with a man in the background. She switched legs after a while. Rub legs with hands or rubs legs together. He lies on the floor and she walks around his body very sexy and slowly very close to his groin but not on his groin(about a minute). She kicks him lightly in the balls he doesn't react. She then rubs her shoe on his groin and he begins to moan. She rolls her eyes and walks to the wall. He slowly gets up and walks toward her. She is in a pose bending over near the wall. He sees her ass and  walks closer laughing. She turns and attacks, punches, chops and punches him  for less than 20  seconds. He throws a few punches and she counters him and pins him to the wall. She knees him in the balls. He falls with his back to the wall. She lays on the floor in front of him and takes off the stockings and heels using his body. She throws the stocking to the side and puts back on the high heel mules. She stands in front of him and starts to kick his balls. Camera front behind and to the sides. She walks off to the chair and brings it in front of him. He stands and she kicks and stomps his belly and balls. She turns and leans up against him then moves the chair away. He falls to the floor and tries to crawl away. She kicks him hard in the ass and he rolls on his back. He says he gives up and she kicks him on the face. He points to the money case and she picks it up. She walks to him and slaps him back down to the floor with the case of money. She mounted him and began to punch his face. Then she snaps his neck with a choke. Then stands to move the chair near his body. She takes off her heels near him and puts her bare feet on his balls. She does sexy poses while her feet are on his balls and rubs his balls slowly (3 mins) She then puts back on her heels, uses his body for support and stands up. She grabs the money walking close between his legs then walks out of the room. She beat up one more thug on the way out with the money (Less than a min)  She knocks him out with the money case and walks over his body. Camera fades out as she walks out the door.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Ivy seduces and destroys the bandit trampling his balls

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