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  • The criminal tries to break Catgirl Tiffany

Custom clip request 

1. Tiffany and Rob

2)  Rob

a) It is possible for me that the male actor play in few episodes

b) It is not important for me if the male actor wears a mask or not

3. Tiffany : same black top as the photo "Outfit" with a tigh black yoga trousers without belt if possible and black socks and gloves as the photo "gloves.

Rob : Black T-shirt with black trousers and big boots

4. 10 minutes

5. Story context : Tiffany plays Catgirl, a famous superheroine who put a lot of criminals in jail. Finally, a gang captured her and bring them into their basement.

The video opens with Catgirl unconscious on the ground as the photo "opening scene". She slowly opens her eyes. She feels herself a little hurt because of her capture.

Rob, playing the chef of the gang, is looking at her and tell her : "My men finally found you and bring you to me. With your destruction, I will be the master of the city, every gang will fear me"

Catgirl laugh a little but is still hurt, answers "5 guys to bring me there and you think you can take me down alone ?"

The chief answers "I let you answer yourself to this question... while you will be crushing"

Then, Rob quickly punch Tiffany in the belly and dominates her with the backbreaker moves below :

- Scene 1 : Rob will bend Tiffany little by little and punch her in the belly (3-4 punches maximum)

- Scene 2

- Scene 3 : The camera will show Tiffany's face angry, her belly and navel in the same time during almost all the scene. No need to see this scene from behind

- Scene 4 : As the scene, Rob will take her from behind but he will also shake her

- Scene 5 : The camera has to show the scene from above with Tiffany's belly and face

- Scene 6 : The camera has to show the scene from above with Tiffany's belly and face

- Scene 7

- Scene 8 : As the scene, Rob will take her from behind and will shake her. We have to see that Rob lift her high strangling her. Tiffany's feet have to leave the ground

- Scene 9

Between some scenes sometimes (2-3 times maximum), Rob will put his foot on Tiffany's abs and try to crush it as the scene "Crush abs scene"

Sometimes, between some scenes, Tiffany will bend herself and touch her back showing she is in pain. During the video, she will show she is pain and frustrated to not be able to counter but whe will not scream.

Rob will say the below :

"I will crush like a bug"

"So you are not in difficulty ?"

"You cost us a lot of money"

"Do you feel your spine cracking ?"

After the strangles of the Scene 8 and 9, Catgirl is on the ground as the scene "opening scene" and barely awake. The chief tells her "Time to end this" and will lift her as the scene "Finale scene First part" during 4-5 seconds and the camera from above showing Tiffany's body barely awake.

Then, the chief will drop Tiffany's back on his knee and we see Tiffany knocked out in the position as "Finale scene Second part" and totally folded in half over Rob's knee during 4-5 seconds with the camera showing her body and then her face.

Finally, the Rob take Tiffany's body in the same position as "Lifting scene" and go to the door saying "let show this trophy to the others" and the video ends there.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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The criminal tries to break Catgirl Tiffany

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