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  • Rob destroys Nightgirl Naomi bending her back

Custom clip request 

It will be a male domination match between Naomi and the man. Naomi is known as "Nightgirl", a superheroine fighting crime during night. She is training and doing some stretching move at the beginning of the video. One of the member of crime gang has been sent to finish her.

- the man come in the place and say to Naomi « « Hi Nightgirl, I've finally found you. Your intervention in my gang business ends tonight»

- Naomi will smile and say « oooh, i'm so scared. Try it big boy !»

Naomi trie to hit him but the man dodge and he begins his wrestling move to Naomi

the man will dominate all the match with the backbreaking as listed below (in the following order) and destroy Naomi.

- Scene 1

- Scene 2

- Scene 3

- Scene 4

- Scene 5

- Scene 6

- Scene 7

- Scene 8

During the above scene, the man will say the following :

« how is your back ? »

« is it broken? »

« I though you were stronger Nightgirl»

" It is more difficult when you don't hide in shadow no ?"

" I will cause pain so much pain"

The man will break completely Naomi's back during the Scene 8 and Naomi will be knocked out. Then, we have a black out and then we see Naomi in the same position as "AOH" but awake and the man will punch her very quickly as we do for a punching ball.

The man will say "please stay awake, my friend are coming to enjoy this moment"

Naomi will not scream during the scene and just moan. She is a superheroine and so she is trained to have pain.

The most important is really the backbreaking holds but also the fact that the man keep the pressure during 15-20 seconds for each hold and bend Naomi at the maximum in order to see how flexible she is.

For the camera during the wrestling moves, the camera has always to show Naomi face and her body bending with her belly and navel in the same time (as the photo named Over the knee backbreaker).

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Rob destroys Nightgirl Naomi bending her back

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