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Story : Mabel is a spy in training. She has succeeded all fight and physic exams but one is remaining before the end of the test. She has to defeat the wrestler robot.

The video begins with Mabel doing some streching moves. A voice from a speakerphone in the room tells her in the same time: "Congrats Agent Mabel, you have reached the final part but now you have to defeat our training robot"

Mabel says with a laugh and still continuing her stretching moves "Yeah yeah, I hope it will be stronger that your men"

Then the robot enters, comes to Mabel and we have a staredown scene (as the photo "staredown") but very very closer. Mabel, very close to the robot, seems impressed, looks at the robot's face and says "Oh..."

The voice continues "this robot is used to interrogate our prisonners by breaking her bones. Very effective. When I say the key word, he won't stop until I tell him to stop, are you still sure ?"

Mabel not so confident, bite her lips and answers : "Yeah..Go on..."

The voice "Robot, break her !" (He will say that in English if possible)

Mabel gives a punch to the Robot but it feels nothing. We heard a metallic sound and we see Mabel in pain with her hand.

Then the video continues by the robot doing the below wrestling moves to Mabel (exceptionnaly this time, please follow the order of the moves) :

- Scene n°1 and the robot will lift Mabel from the ground still against the wall

- Scene n°2

- Scene n°3

- Scene n°4, for this move, it is a classic over the knee backbreaker but with the knees on the floor

Then Mabel : " can we have a timeout ? I don't feel my spine"

The voice "sorry no, the different tests cannot be interrupted, you knew the rules"

Then, we see Mabel stand up and punch the robot with rage and but it does nothing and we hear metallic sound and the robot continues with the below moves (still with the following order)

- Scene n°5

- Scene n°6 with a hand on Mabel's throat and the other one on her thigh and bend her as a classic over the knee backbreaker

- Scene n°7

- Scene n°8

- Scene n°9

- Scene n°10

After the last move, Mabel is knocked out and we hear the voice says "Finally, we broke this rogue agent. Robot, tie her, we will interogate her later" the screen becomes black and reopens on Mabel still knocked out but tied and stretched out as the photo "Final scene" during 5-6 seconds (we don't see the robot ties her, there is a blackout between Mabel on the ground and Mabel tied up)

The most important is really the backbreaking holds but also the fact that the man keep the pressure during 10-15 seconds for each hold and bend Mabel at the maximum in order to see how flexible she is (even if it is not much but the maxium possible).

As Rob will play a robot this time, his moves have to be slower than a normal fight but he has to show the impression that he press very hard on Mabel's back but also with his hands for the moves in which one hand is on Mabel's thorat. He has to stay the most immobile possible each time Mabel kicks him and have to show no emotion.

Sometimes, Mabel will try to punch and kick the robot but it is very solid and we will always hear a metallic sound and Mabel in pain after her try

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Flexibility test for Mabel

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