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  • Rob proves Klara that she is not unbreakable

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It will be a male domination match between Klara and Rob.

Klara is training at the gym. She is famous because she is a professional hitwoman. Rob comes and tell her "You are the famous hitwoman. Rumours say that you have steel abs and you are unbreakable"

Klara says : "I don't know how you find me but you are right" and she flexes her abs and her biceps

Klara continues and smile: "You find my secret identity. I think you will never be able to leave this room"

Rob says : "My boss paid me a lot to find you and bring your broken body to him. Appparently you finished some of his men and he has a special gift for you but for now, I will show you a tiny part of what he has planned for you"

Then Rob grabs her and makes the below moves (whatever the order) :

- 1 тorture rack : during this move, the camera has to zoom on Klara's face in pain and her belly until her navel.

- 2 camel clutches : during these moves, the camera has to show Klara in front of her and then a little on the side (as the photo"Camel clutch").

Dialogue for the first one

Rob "My favorite, sitting on you while I'm stretching your abs and destroying your back"

Klara "You really think you can break me ?"

Rob "No, I think I can break your back" then Rob pend a little more her back and Klara scream and say "oh god"

Dialogue for the second one

Klara "no no no, not this one" and then screams when Rob begins the move. Klara will beg to stop during this one but Rob says "I am supposed to bring to my boss but let see how much you can take before". Then Klara look at him angry

- 1 dragon hold during this move, the man will make the hold and says "Impressive abs ! let see how strong they are" then he makes some belly punches with the other hand. Klara show she is resisting and only growl.

During the last 3-4 seconds of this move, Rob will put this other hand on her back behind and show the impression he does a liitle more the bend and Klara will scream a little

- 1 deep over the knee backbreaker : same view as "Rhea's backbreaker"

dialogue :

Rob "Come on, let see how strong you are. It is a deception until now"

Klara growling and say "you will see when I will break free. I've plenty punishment for you" and smile a little

Rob "Really and what do you think about this punishment ?" then we see Rob do the hold during 3-4 seconds and Klara will scream all these seconds.

- 1 Beth phoenix тorture rack : the camera has to show her head and her belly until the navel in the same time.


Rob "This hold helped me to make a lot of people talk"

Klara "That won't break me"

Rob "Are you sure ?" then Rob bends en a little more Klara and she screams

- 1 side bow arrow with the same camera angle as the photo "Side bow and arrow" firstly. Then the camera has to show the same angle as "Side bow and arrow second view"

- 1 bow and arrow : same camera angle as the photo "Bow and arrow" and the camera has to show the same angle as "Rhea's bow and arrow"

Dialogue :

Rob: "Impressive, the others were not so tough"

Klara : "Because you think are ?" and Klara laugh a little

Rob growl and bend a little more and we hear a cracking bone sound louder this time

-  1 Canadian backbreaker : same camera angle as the photo

Dialogue :

Rob :"I'm sure you have never been in difficulty like know"

Klara : "I'm not in difficulty, I will break free and kick your ass"

Rob: " If you can walk again after that"

Klara "That what ?"

Then, Rob bend her a little more and Klara scream

Klara will not scream during all the moves but mainly at the end of each moves as described above but she will show she is pain in her face (she will bite the teeth for example) during the moves. She is tough and will frown and she will breath a lot during the moves as we make during training in order to show the impression she resist to the pain.

At the end of each move, Rob will press a little more the hold and Klara will scream.

For the last move, the man will break Klara's back (in the photo " finishing move"). For this last move, the man will show the impression he uses all his strengh. Klara will make her bigger scream and it ends with a big cracking bones sound. Klara will be knocked out after this scene.

Then, the man put uncounscious Klara in canadian backbreaker position and bring her away the camera. For this last movement, Klara's head and belly have to be on Rob's back side and not the other as shown by the photo "Canadian Backbreaker"  and the camera will zoom on Klara's uncounscious face and her belly (until the navel) in the same time.

The most important is really the backbreaking holds but also the fact that the man keep the pressure during 10-15 seconds maximum for each hold in order to have a fast rythm and bend Klara at the maximum in order to see how flexible she is.

For the camera during all wrestling moves, the camera has always to show Klara's face and her body bending (until the navel)  in the same time (as the photo named "Example) in order to always show his face in pain but also her body bending.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Rob proves Klara that she is not unbreakable

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