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  • Wrestlers compete in the beating of Gerda

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We start with a shot of Gerda tied up hands over head, legs spread. Her pantyhose is ripped, her white shirt is ripped open. 

We then see the guys talking, and they say that their boss told them that they got everything they could from her, and that they can take care of her. The guys agree to have some fun first and have a contest as to who can knock her out more times. The guy who wins gets to KO her.

They walk into the room and untie her, she falls to her knees looking completely powerless. They throw her leather clothes and boots in front of her and tell her to change into that outfit. They stand and watch as she does so, some nice shots of her putting her clothes on, especially focusing on her putting her boots on.

She stands up and looks at the guys, bad guy 1 of them comes up at her and knees her between the legs, and she falls on her knees. He goes up behind her, puts her in a tight neck hold and pulls her back up to her feet. Bad guy 1 looks at the bad guy 2 while he is still holding her out in the neck hold and says 1:0. Bad guy 2 looks at him and smiles. Bad guy 2 walks up to her, she's still lying face down out. He grabs her legs and puts her into a boston crab. She wakes up and starts moaning in pain. She is in agony, and as she starts getting weak from the pain bad guy 1 grabs her by the hair, lifts her head up off the ground and punches her in the face a few times, knocking her out. He laughs and says 2:0!

Bad guy 1 throws her legs down pissed off, grabs her by the hair and slaps her a few times to wake her up, then pulls her up to her feet. He punches her several times in the stomach, then gives her an uppercut to throw her on her back. She lies on her back in pain, and bad guy 1 stands over her, grabs her by the hair and lifts her off the ground as he straddles her, then starts punching her in the face. After a few punches she is out, but he punches her several more times to be sure. He holds her by the hair, looks at the bad guy 2 and says 2:1!

From here on I will leave it to you how the story develops, but I want to see the following moves included:

- Over the knee back breaker, where one guy is holding her over his knee and holdling her neck with one hand and the other hand on her leg pushing her down, while the other guy is giving her punches in between the legs - she gets knocked out in this hold.

- see photo DSC00018-2 attached - knocked out 

- Camel clutch/boston crab combination - knocked out

- Đ¢orture rack

- I liked the hold in the first video where Gerda faces these guys, where one guy holds her across the shoulders and the other guy punches her in the stomach

- bow and arrow hold - choked out

- The move shown in the attached Capture 1.

- Dragon hold with the other guy stomping her in the belly and crotch - knocked out

- Crippler crossface (knockout)

These are just the holds I really want to see in, but if you have time to throw some more holds in where she gets bent backwards in interesting holds, all the better! I also want to see quite a few low blows, you can throw them in when she is in the holds or in between holds. If you can manage to pull off a cabalette attached image IMG_0268) that would be incredible!

She is KOed in a romero dragon hold, where they hold her in the romero hold and put the dragon hold on while she hangs upside down in the romero hold. As she is going weak he yanks on her neck and breaks her neck. If this is not possible, then please include just the romero hold as part of her beatdown. He then breaks her neck and drops her on the ground so her legs are trapped underneath her.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Wrestlers compete in the beating of Gerda

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