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  • The smell of feet in tights led him to defeat

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Model: Mabel

Duration 15 min

Outfit: Wearing brown pantyhose and red pumps or black pumps, similar high heel pumps used in “Tiffany teases Slaves Balls”, and  Short skirt

Boyfriend physically dominating her as she is lying down, her legs is crossed with high heels on. he is on top of her with his groin on her  high heel as she is being choked. After 1 minute struggle, her feet kicked into his groin lightly weakens him a little, and she weakens him with multiple groin kicks and holds her feet in his groin. Then she wraps her feet around his neck, and he cant breathe, then puts her nylon feet on his mouth and ask him to worship her feet. The smell of her feet weakens him.

After worshiping her feet, she crosses her legs and ask him to put her high heel back on feet, and crossed her legs as he admires her legs. She asks him to kneel with his groin touching her crossed feet and kicks him in the groin softly, then it gets harder and she holds her feet in his groin each time. He gets weaker. He tries to choke her and she gets beaten up a little bit, but she struggles and finally kicks him the groin, and he kneels in pain and she puts on her nylon feet all over his face to weaken him as the smell of her nylons is powerful.  He falls down and lies on his back while she crosses her legs and puts her cross feet over mouth, he is in pain. Then she moves her feet (legs crossed) to his groin and softly places her feet on his groin to drain his energy and make him weak. He is begging for mercy, and he accidently pulls down her stockings while struggling, she gets mad and makes him fix her stockings with her legs crossed. She kicks in the groin legs crossed as he fix her stockings.

She ask him to kneel and she gives him a few kicks to the groin while holding in his groin for 2-3 seconds, and softly pulls back her feet making him kiss her legs gently. Then she says I will destroy you, and kicks him very fast but not too hard to make him feel the pain, and he moans in pain and falls on to her crossed legs, getting weaker until his chin is on her crossed feet (with heel on). She asks him to take off her heel, and she rubs her nylon feet all over his face while crossed legged, then he lies on his back and her crossed nylon feet is over his mouth, she places her nylon feet on his mouth and he cant breathe. He struggles, he finally stop moving when  her feet on his mouth ending his breathe, the finish move, she moves her crossed feet to his groin and digs deep and tapping on his groin to make sure he is finished. 

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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The smell of feet in tights led him to defeat

  • Brand: MABEL
  • Product Length: 16 minutes
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