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  • Melanie punishes the customer who touched her legs

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Melanie is a dancer in a nightclub. Sven sits on a chair and Melanie comes in and puts on the music (can the music please play in the room, so that Melanie can here it when she dance)

Melanie dance sexy around Sven and rubs her leg on him. Sven touches her leg. Melanie tells him he is not allowed to touch her and continues to dance

Sven touches her again and she gives him some kicks. Sven promis he will not touch her anymore, so Melanie continues her dance

When Melanie rubs her leg on him, Sven can’t resist to touch her again 

Melanie decides to teach him a lesson. Melanie tells Sven he mad a big mistake and will be punished. She starts kicking him until he falls on his knees. Than she continues her sexy dance until he touches her again

Melanie goes down into a split infront of him and laughs at him. Melanie makes some kungfu positions with her hands, than she gives him some scratches to his face and always making loud fighting sounds when she scratches him. Than she lies on her side on the floor and starts stretching and posing her legs. She puts her foot on his head. Sven complains and asks Melanie to stop this. Melanie just laugh at him and tells him it’s too late now. Melanie has her foot on his head and plays with his head. She pushes his head around and always keeps her foot on his head while she still lies on her side and Sven is on his knees in front of her

Melanie continues to make fun out of him as Sven has no chance against her. She laughs at him and speaks to him a lot during the whole film

Melanie gives him some more kicks while she still lies on her side. Than she sits up next to him while Sven is still on his knees and she gives him 2 or 3 kicks with each leg and rubs her foot on his face

Than she makes several splits and moves to the music while she still sits and lies on the floor until Sven touches her again

Melanie than puts him into a a series of scissors. She scissor him quickly until he taps out, than she rubs her foot on his face and puts him back into the next scissor and rubs again her foot on his face. Several times

After 10 minutes, Melanie switch off the music and Sven wants to escape

Sven tries to run away, but Melanie is making several spin wheels and and stands in front of him and makes kungfu positions with her hands so that he can not pass around her. Sven tries to run in another way, but Melanie makes again spin wheels and blocks his way again

Melanie starts kicking him with jump kicks and round high kicks with her left and right leg  (if possible inside out and outside in kicks)

Than Melanie makes a shoulder stand with splitting her legs. Sven is on his knees and tries to walk around her legs, but she splits her legs in all directions he wants to walk around her

Melanie is still on her shoulder and tells him he can go if he can push her legs away. Sven tries to push her legs away, but he has no chance.  Melanie laugs at him and tells him how week he is. She makes Sven to tell her how strong her legs are

Until the end of the first part can Melanie please do a lot of splits, a lots of rubbing her foot on his face and kicks. While Melanie lies on on the floor and while she is standing

And always when she is in a split or stands infront of him or in between the kicks, can she please do a lots of these kungfu positions with her hands

And some series of quick scissors with rubbing her foot on his face and back into the next scissor and rubbing her foot again on him

Can Melanie please also do always loud fighting sounds when she kicks him or scratches his face

In the middle of the film Melanie gets out. It’s the next day and Melanie comes back changed in the white bikini

Sven comes in and tells her he wants to have a revenge. Yesterday he was not ready, but today he will beat her up

Melanie laugs loud at him and tells him he will get another humiliation again today

This time Sven is more fit. 2 or 3 times during the film, Sven can hit Melanie with a lucky punch, but Melanie gets very angry and punishes him with kicks, scissors and rubs her foot on his face

After 5 minutes Sven sees that he has no chance against Melanie and her strong legs, he wants to escape

Sven stands up and tries to get away, but Melanie stands up and catches him again with spin wheels. She splits her leg up against a wall and blocks his way. Sven tries again to push her leg away, but Melanie just laughs at him and tells him that he is too weak and she will not let him go

Melanie offers Sven a deal, she will put on the music for 10 minutes, if he will not touch her legs, she will let him go

Melanie puts on the Music. She dances around him and rubs her leg on him while Sven stands infront of her. Melanie kicks him down on his knees and than lifts him up with her foot. She continues her dance until he touches her 

Melanie laughs at Sven and tells him now she will have to punish him and teach him a lesson

Meanie kicks Sven down on his knees. For the next 3 minutes, he is on his knees and Melanie stands infront of him. He tries to attack her legs, but Melanie is dancing to the music and posing her legs out of the way of his attacks. While Melanie is dancing around Sven, he continues to attack her legs, she laughs at him and continues to pose and split her legs away from his attacks while he is still on his knees and she stands in front of him. Melanie stands in front of him and puts one leg up with her knee bended and stands infront of him. He attacks her several times while she splits her leg up and than come down to initial position with one one leg bended and repeat this several times

Melanie gives him several kicks to the music and continues her dance and kicks and foot rubs while she is standing and lying on the floor for a few minutes. Than she switches off the sound

Can Melanie please do all the same things to Sven such as in she did in the first part with him until the end

And can Melanie please speak a lot to Sven and laugh a lot at him during the whole film to keep up the story

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Melanie punishes the customer who touched her legs

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