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  • Mabel sucks the man's energy through her feet

Custom clip request 

Start sequence is from the film by: Gerda takes revenge on the Master for her loss.

Outfit can be like Gerda's, only no tights. You should be able to see her beautiful feet and toes afterwards.

Please copy the video sequence exactly up to 4:50 minutes

After Mabel kicks him back, it's time to try out her superhuman abilities.

She keeps one foot in the air and plays with her foot in the air. Please let your foot circle, your toes move and you are welcome to do the same with the other foot.

The man is mesmerized by this but begs for mercy. Mabel is told to stop but she laughs at him and carries on. So long until the man can no longer defend himself and is automatically pulled to the foot.

He kneels in front of her like a foot slave and she plays with her feet in his face. After a short period of playing, she puts one foot behind his head and the other in front of his face.
So it acts like a pair of pliers. The man's head is wedged between your feet.

Now it would be cool if they could show it like she sucks the man's energy through her foot. Either by waves or lightning. As if she were robbing him of his strength and weakening him.

After a certain time, the man falls to the ground and is completely powerless. Mabel gets up and puts the man against the wall, first stands to his left and now kicks the man from the side several times. Please don't put your foot down after the kick, but in the stomach, then to the head, then against the legs, then back to the head, always alternating.

The same then from the other side until he falls to the ground completely destroyed.

Mabel likes to lean against the wall however she likes. Mabel destroyed her first victim and there are more to come.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Mabel sucks the man's energy through her feet

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