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  • Fight dance. Melanie Humiliates Rob… again!

Description:  Melanie is once again practicing sexy dance moves in her studio.  She secretly hopes that the men she humiliated will come back and try to reclaim their dignity.  Beating up men has become part of her routine!

The video starts with Melanie in black pantyhose working out on the pole.  She’s incredibly strong and flexible with perfect legs and feet.  Of course, in the middle of her routine, Rob appears and claims he trained and is now ready to fight again – “I’ve come for revenge!”  She treats it like a joke and swiftly kicks him in the head.

Rob is furious and attacks.  Melanie easily dodges his punches.  She continues her dance routine and pummels Rob with fast, accurate high kicks to the head and sexy moves that put him flat on the floor in seconds.  He’s exasperated and doesn’t know what hit him.  Melanie is completely cool and relaxed.  He’s just a toy for her as she struts around his body and steps on his chest.  She continues her sexy acrobatic dance for a few minutes and taunts him with her long legs and feet.  Every time he gets up and tries to attack again, she kicks him back down.  Finally, he does not have the strength to get up.

His humiliation has only just begin.  With Rob on the floor, Melanie leaves the room to change and comes back barefoot with bare legs, holding her pantyhose.   She pads across the floor slowly, like a cat stalking her prey, flexing her very sexy feet.

Rob manages to stand up and try to fight again.  Using her pantyhose as a sexy prop for her routine, Melanie quickly works him over with head kicks until he’s back on the floor. She holds her barefoot close to his face, flexes her toes and orders him to “kiss.”  He has no choice and complies.  She kicks him to a sitting position, makes him lean against the dance pole and ties his arms behind him with her pantyhose.

Melanie now has Rob where she wants him and continues her routine, teasing him with her legs and feet. She stretches her leg with her foot on his shoulder and makes him kiss her foot again.  Melanie continues her routine while Rob is tied to the pole, helpless.  Completely humiliated again, he can only watch.  Will she let him go?   

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Fight dance. Melanie Humiliates Rob… again!

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