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  • Young fighter Valerie defeated a seasoned champion

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The male opponent is celebrating, he wins almost all fights and beats, crushing her opponent in a very hard and humiliating way. He fights very dirty and does not respect the rules to reach his goals. She will appear. Valerie is the first girl who wants to fight here. She's shy, restrained and she looks like she doesn't know where she is exactly. She respects the rules, she is the opposite of his opponent. Of course the male opponent will sense this and try making fun of her. She will be a bit afraid and want to cover it with a smile, and don't want to say anything. She will take off her shoes and socks slowly (do some close ups).

She pulls herself out and bows (bow.JPG). She goes into an attack pose. She will do some poses and forms to get strength herself to fight this fearsome opponent while they do some circles facing toward each other. Let the camera show Valerie while she does this form. She shows how skilled she is. He will be attacked. She will get absolutely no chance. She can make some hits and kicks, but almost no effect. He will kick and punch her. She will often fall to the ground. She will be able to score some hits and kicks, after that jump or stand back and do some attack/kata like poses. Her opponent is not seeing her as an opponent. Try to humiliate her and feed his ego.

This will go a while until she starts to get tired and getting weak. Please show she is sweating. Her face, her hair, the top of her gi and her feet. She is losing hope to win this fight. And the turning point is starting here. The male opponent will go too far now. He is try to seduce her or something like that while she is on the ground. She will manage to escape and punch his head. He will get a little bit dizzy. Valerie will stand in an attack pose. He will attack brainless. Her first kick was a front kick where her sweaty sole fully covered his mouth (kick_mouth_1.JPG, kick_mouth_2.JPG, kick_mouth_3.JPG, kick_mouth_4.JPG). He will be disguised and clear his mouth. She's moves were confident and precise. Do some punches and throw him to the ground and punch his face while on the floor (ground_punch.JPG). He will get angry and attack despreadly. She will block his moves and get a feel for how she needs to move. He will get very angry and not allow to get beaten by a girl. We can see he will use his skills now aggressively. Valerie gets some hits, but gets up and fights again. We can see he will try everything but Valery slowly adapts to his moves. He will get very tired, his moves are getting slower. She doesn't need to work hard to make her moves efficient. She will watch her opponent in an attack pose a bit before she makes her next move, her face will be surprised but confident and slowly make the face kick. I will add details later and pictures. She screams her kiyas longer.

After a front kick he will get some pain and she will do a split and a ball paunch (split.JPG). He will collapse. He tries to stand up really hard and continues to fight, but he can't. She will show respect despite what happened and bow, wanting to go away. He will be able to get up somehow for one last desperate move, but she will notice it. She will do some similar moves like in the video (the video from google drive: teszt2.avi). He will fall down, then she will do a last kick to his face while he is on the ground with a loud kiya (finishing_kick_1.JPG, finishing_kick_2.JPG, finishing_kick_3.JPG,finishing_kick_4.JPG). She will put her soles on his face and pose there a bit. She tells him that remember you was beaten by a karate girl. She will put her feet back to the ground, pull herself out and bow. She slowly goes away, grabs her shoes and looks back at him and smiles while she leaves.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Young fighter Valerie defeated a seasoned champion

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