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Lora enters in the gym and sees that there are 4 men there.

She booked the gym for an hour and half but the gym is now busy.

She kindly ask to men how many time they need to stop their training but the men don’t consider her question and continue the training so she repeat the question and 1 of them say that they will need the gym for the afternoon.

Lora say it’s impossible because she booked the gym one week ago and now it’s her turn.

The men stop their training and laugh at her!!!

They are the regional team of mixed fighting and until 4 days they will have the final against another team to become the national champion team. They are hardly selected and they are overcame a lot of preliminary round to reach the final. The championship is a competition where every region selects a team of four people that are specialized in a specific discipline and in particular: Judo, Karate, kickboxing, strength.

The men say to her that she shouldn’t waste their time because they have an important competition. They think that women waste time in the gym because they can’t compete with men. The gyms are for men and now they need the gym for their training.

Lora don’t like this arrogance and think she has the right to remain in the gym so repeat to men that they must to go out of gym because she booked it but the men don’t consider her and restart their training.

Lora says for the last time they must go away and that it should be better for them if they accept her advice. The men stop again their training, watch Lora and laugh again. What do you think to do?? Do you call your boyfriend?? ………

Ok, if you think that women are not adapt for gym I challenge one of you and who will win remain into the gym. They think it’s ridiculous but after a while they accept so they could resume the training.

The challenger is the judo men and the match starts. Lora uses her techniques to defeat the man. At first he says he was surprised because he didn’t expected any skill by a woman but after he continues to lose. The other men invite the judo man to win and they cheer on for him. They think it’s ridiculous that he loses by a woman and they can’t believe it. After a while Lora force him to a desperate tape out. She thinks that everything is finished but the judo man says that the match finish when the first obtains two tape out. So the match continues but Lora always dominates and easily obtain another tape out.

The men can’t believe. How has a weak woman beaten a big skilled man??

Lora invites the men to go out but they say that they are four and if she wants to remain she must beat almost three of them, the majority.

Lora shakes her head and accepts. Who is the next?

Enter the karate men. The men believe she won because of her skill, judo is a very technical discipline but with karate she hasn’t any chance.

The match begins but Lora is not in difficult, she is totally confident. The man thinks to be superior but Lora gradually shows to be superior and kicks him, throw him, etc. She literally dominates the match. The man tries in every way but Lora is faster and more skilled than him. After a hard match the man has a big trouble, he struggles to stand up. Lora advice him to stop because is better for him and then want to know who is the next.

Lora is amused and very confident, she likes destroys men and their ego.

The men are shocked, they want to know how is it possible she has beaten two of them, they ask her if she is a black belt in karate and in judo but she isn’t. She only took a few lessons of judo and karate and now she is a trained woman. They still don’t know that women are superior to men but today is the day to learn it.

The next man is the kickboxer!! In judo there is a lot of technique, in karate technique and strength but in kickboxing the strength could be dominate so the man think he can easily win but as the other matches it is a one sided match. The men try to attack but Lora avoid or stops the attacks. She literally destroy also the kickboxer. 

During the three matchs there are comments and sometimes Lora provoke them or stimulate them. The men are angry. I don’t like that they are in difficult only after a kick o a throw, They lost energy gradually if they are able.

For Lora the fight is finished but not for the men. Three men have lost but there is still one and is the strongest, he is specialized in armwrestling and other feat of strength. In this Lora can’t be competitive so he challenges her to decide the winner in that competition.

Lora smiles and accepts. The man goes to the table and put his arm on the table attending Lora, he is smiling because have convinced Lora and very confident to win. Lora go to the table and is ready too. The challenge starts, the man push immediately very hard because he doesn’t want to lose but incredibly Lora resists. Not only she resists but it seems she isn’t in any trouble to resist instead the man is in his maximum effort. Ohhh the strong man can’t beat a weak woman??

After a while Lora push more and the eyes of the man can’t believe it and Lora wins!!

The man want a rematch, the challenge is always 2/3 he said. So they change the arm and the challenge continues. Lora as always controls the situation, the man is desperate and desperately try to win adding a second hand. Now the match is 1 hand vs 2 hands but Lora remains calm and she is very amused, she teases the strong man and after a while she easily win!!!! The male’s ego is destroyed but the last man doesn’t accept and want a rematch with another feat of strength: the pushing, 1 to 1 the people must go away to the limit of the tatami.

Lora laughs and accepts. They go in the center of the tatami and the challenge begin, the man push with maximum strength but Lora resists and she is in control, so after a while she quietly invite a second man (without stopping the challenge, instead she organize the first man is pushing with all his strength) (now the other men have regain their forces) to help his friend but Lora resists, then a third man and after the fourth.

Now there are four big men against Lora but she doesn’t lose any centimeter. Then incredibly she moves the men going away before slowly then more fast until they fall on the ground. The men try to resist but is not possible.

The show of Lora’s power is incredible. The men are totally shocked but one of them say they must absolutely destroy her and also the others are agree, so it begins the last ultimate battle where Lora fight simultaneously the four men until the final tape out. She uses kick, high kicks, punch, judo throw, various of techniques and when the men have difficult to stand up she does also some single holds and also multiple submissions. The men out of the hold sometimes try to free the others but the legs and the arms of Lora are like iron.

At last she singularly tape out the four men with four different way at your choice but the more humiliating you think. Then she does some victory poses and the video ends.

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Lora against 4 champions

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