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  • Lesley demonstrates the girl's power

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In the main gym of the city they are searching a new karate master!!!

You hear that and you are very interesting because you like teaching karate to the people in the free time. You are very expert and you like help people in growing their skill and safety.

So you decide to go to the gym. You enter in the gym where the two actual masters (also the owners) are in training. The video begins when you enter in the gym and they stop their training watching you and they ask you what do you do there.

You explain that you heard about the new karate master and you have thought you like to have that place. They watch you and they don’t understand if it’s a joke or not. They don't think that a woman could be a karate master and above all in their gym because there, there are the best fighters of the city. They think you can't be enough skill. So after a while they say that they are the two best masters of the city and perhaps of the state and they want maintain the high level so is impossible give the role to a woman.

You ask them why they thinks it's impossible to give the role to a woman.

They explains to you that women are weaker than men and couldn't be as skill as the trained man. So they are sure that you aren't adapt for this role, if you want you could leave your name in case of it will be free the secretary's place.

You think that they are the usual stupid men who don't know the "girl power" and quietly you say that they can't know if you are enough skill to be a master so you invite them in a short sparring demonstration!!

They laugh but after a while they accept. You say that you haven't the right outfit with you because you didn't think that you have must show you skill, so they send you in a cabin (the scene in the cabin is only a way to exchange the outfit so you go out and then you come back) where you can prepare for the fight.

You come back and you ask to them who will be your challenger.

One of them go in front of you. The two challenger greet bowing like a normal match.

The challenge starts and you fast put him down a lot of time. Every time he increase his concentration, he thinks you are winning because you have surprised him but at the same time you continue to throw and beat him. The second man sometimes stimulates the man on the mat and he comments about the fact it’s impossible he is losing, to stop the kidding, …….. 

After a while he understands you are more skill than him but he can't believe that a woman is. He can't accept a woman as a master. He can't accept that a woman could beat a trained and skilled man. 

You understand he’s in difficult so you advice him to have a little of rest and to ask the second man to substitute him. During a desperate tap out he accepts and the second man enters on the mat.

He’s very determinate, he can’t lose with a woman and he want revenge his friend.

The master attacks but the results don’t change. You are more skill than him and your superiority is impressive. You beat him over and over again.

One time, during the fight the man say: if only I could hit you I could destroy you!! So you challenge  him to hit your abs, he punchs many times but without any effect, your abs are like a rock!!  When you understand he’s close to his limit of resistance you decide to humiliate them more. You challenge them to fight both at the same time against you. Two skilled karate master against a woman. Two big men against a little girl. What ashamed!!!!

The men can't believe you are so skill and that they can't beat you so they can't stop now they need to beat you, so they accept Now they are two against one. So they restart the attacks but you are still superior and you continue the demolition!!

They desperately attack you but you are in total control and you easily put them in a lot of desperate tape out. You are amused, you like to see arrogant men under your powerful control.

At last you leave them , one like the annex photo 1 and the second like the annex photo 2.

While they are totally ko you take a little of training (you are not so tired), two or three victory poses and you go to clothe again waiting they are conscious because they need an ultimate lesson, they must learn that a skilled woman is better than a skilled man (also then two skilled man) so when they are almost out you joke with them with some victory pose and you put your foot on their groins or on their faces (the video finish with you in a victory pose).

After all the job is not interesting for you in a gym with arrogant men!!


When you enter you wear similar to Crushing hands. Part II b and you wear black pantyhose, a miniskirt (black is better) and high heels (not sandal, the shoes like Just the next weakling on my way) and a shirt (at your choise), under the shirt you have a body like photo 3 (could be also similar not identic) for the fighting part.

When you come back from the cabin: black pantyhose, the body and the shoes but when you enters on the mat you leave the shoes

When the men are ko and you go to the cabin you come back wearing the skirt, the shirt and not the shoes (because you come back on the mat)

The fight

In the fight scene you must use every karate, judo and other martial art moves you know (hip throws, wrist throws, foot trips, and throws if you know (Lesley draws the r*p*st's teeth is a good basis but you must use more moves) but also high kicks, roundhouse kick, punch!!!. 

Is important you use also movement that contain a technical basis but if you alternate your hits it’s ok. After the initial parts of the fights when the men are fit, I like you begin following some moves with submission (mounted triangles, head scissors, arm locks, lotus locks, triangles, holds, and more, all the kind of submission hold you know) and the men must tape out a lot of time. It’s very humiliating for two karate master tape out with a girl. During the submissions you look for every opportunity to stick your feet and legs into her opponent's face, throat, or even groin, to further their humiliation.

Some rules important for me:

1. The men NEVER beat you, I want a onesided video. But at the same time the men mustn’t be inactive, they try a lot of time to hit or attack you but you stop the attacks or you avoid them.

2. I love teasing and humiliation!!!

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Lesley demonstrates the girl's power

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