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  • The lesson in self defence from Lesley

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Scene 1: Introduction (3 minutes) 

You explain in this instructional video you want to teach women how to defend themselves efficiently and skillfully against aggressive bad guys.

Lately it happened too much innocent young women are hurt and insulted at home by mean intruders and that needs to end.

For this reason, last couple of weeks you went on the streets at night and captured a couple of these thugs and kept them in cellars in your house.

You can open their door and release them one by one by pressing a specific button.

You tell the viewers you will show in some scenes it’s easy to deal with attackers at home if you train the tricks you will demonstrate.

And most of all, as they want to take advantage of the women and will not hold back, it’s important for the ladies to watch this clip to keep this in mind and also don’t show any mercy to these animals and only stop their action when the men are completely annihilated.

Scene 2: bathroom (7 minutes)

You are in the bathroom and just finished taking a shower. You wear only a towel and dries your leg (one foot on the bath).

You look into the camera and tell the women the first lesson will start and press 1 button.
One of the guys leave his cellar, walks around and soon arrives at the bathroom. He enters the bathroom. You pretend you didn’t notice him and he attacks you.

You quickly react with a couple of back heel kicks and karate chops between his legs:
Action continues.
Towards the end, you take the guy in a grip he cannot get out. He’s totally immobilized and at her mercy.
You tease him and laugh with the situation his in. You say things like e.g. “what’s the matter boy, how does it feel being dominated by a young fragile girl? You wanted to play with me, now I’m having fun with you. A pity you will not be able to share this shame with anybody.”
Just before you finish him, you look into the camera and very confident and cool you say you’re now going to solve this issue once and for all. 
Fight ends with a powerful and powerful neck break (both in move and corresponding sound)
You get up, give him a demeaning look and leave the bathroom.
Scene 3: bedroom (7 minutes)
Now you’re in the bedroom, dressed in a sexy nighty, sitting on to bed.
Again you look in the camera and says it’s now time for a next training. With a smile you get into bed and push 1 button. Another guy leaves his cellar and makes his way into the bedroom. He also gets very horny seeing such a beauty sleeping and jumps on you.
You stay calm, let him get excited and start your action as follows:
Action continues.
Towards the end, by one of your moves the guy ends up on his back on the bed. Quickly you take him in a reverse headscissors.
You tease him by wiggling your legs and insult him. You increase the pressing around his neck and soon he’s totally defenseless. You turn around and take him again in a headscissors lock but now facing him.
You continue to humiliate him and tells him his life will end soon as nobody can escape your iron leg lock. He starts to beg for his life but you don’t have any pity. Just before you execute your lethal move you look into the camera and tell the viewers about the final move you’re going to apply.
Fight ends with a powerful and powerful neck break  (both in move and corresponding sound).
You get off the guy, smiles towards the camera and leave the room.
Scene 4: living room (13 minutes)
Next scene you’re in the living room, sitting on the couch dressed as schoolgirl (like the clip “He fell into my trip” but barefoot, no shoes). You tell the ladies they are now ready to move a step up and face 2 attackers at the same time. You explain to them these 2 are real perverts who like to attack little girls so this outfit will surely drive them crazy and you will be able to show how to eliminate them in a real situation. Now you press 2 buttons and 2 men leave their cellar and come into the living room. They see you standing in the middle of the room and walk around you. All of a sudden one grabs you from behind and keeps you in a strong hold. The other one approaches you from the front side and start to touch you and want to raise your skirt.
You remain relaxed and act as follows:  
Action continues.
Around 2 minutes before the end, you can hold the 2 men together in a tight scissor lock.  
You start to tease them by saying e.g. “well, I thought you always wanted to play between the legs of a girl. Aren’t you happy now?”. You also humiliate them by saying e.g. “how pathetic are you. 2 strong men who like to hurt young small girls cannot win against 1 little lady”. To show your supremacy at moments you grab and squeeze the balls and say e.g. “before this ends, your balls will be crushed completely”.   
And just before you finish the fight you look into the camera and say “ladies, now I will show you it’s also not that difficult to cope with 2 bad guys in 1 swift move.” 
Fight ends with a powerful and forceful neck break (both in move and corresponding sound) on both men the same time. While you twist your hip and break the neck of the guy between your legs, you take the head of the other guy in both hands and with a smooth twist also ends his life.
You get off the ground and piles the bodies over each other.   
You pose triumphant over them and address the camera while making your final comment (e.g. something about the ladies need to practice a lot, don’t be afraid to apply the tricks to the end, etc).   
Well, that’s the story 
Regarding the action, I know you have a huge variety of moves and I leave you free to apply the ones you think are most appropriate for the situation but please focus your kicks, punches and grabs to the groin and throat of the attackers. Of course you can also include some of your very flexible, surprising and incredible sexy moves. 
Regarding attitude, as the men are extremely self-confident at the start, in the action it very quickly clear they are no match for your skills and that you are in full control.
At the end they might try to escape their faith but without any hesitation you take away their last hope and eliminate them without mercy.
Within each fight, after a couple of kicks or chops you can look into the camera and make some small remarks about your moves or how easy it is for a small and fragile lady to take down bigger and much stronger man if you know his weak points and aren’t afraid to use them.
Just before you apply the final neck break to eliminate them, you can again look in the camera and say in superior attitude and with a big smile women are the stronger sex and men need to obey.

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The lesson in self defence from Lesley

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