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  • Lesley the nutcracker

Custom clip request. 

mostly upward groin kicks from the ground. 

Lesley is due to fight her next opponent in the semi- finals of the IRON tournament. A fight to the . She is a devious and clever fighter, and knows a mans weakspot. Her opponent is IRON BALLS JARVIS , well known for his ability to withstand a kick to the balls. Lesley has strong legs and feet and has been working on her kicks. Lesley is wearing a karate Gi top and pantyhose and Iron balls Jarvis is wearing boxing shorts.

The scene is set.. Jarvis is already on the mat wearing his shorts and waiting for Lesley. She enters in her karate GI, top , panythose and black high heels she walks in very casually and slowly takes off her shoes. She has a plan , she wants to destroy his balls and humiliate him thereby destroying his reputation as Iron balls Jarvis, that way every male opponent will fear her. They bow, he charges at her, she lays back on the ground and lifts up her foot catching him in the balls, he is stunned for a few seconds and he staggers away embarrassed. (the cock stopper), one point to Lesley!

The face each other again. He tries a round kick, she grabs his foot and kicks his balls, repeatedly and lets go of his foot . He falls to the ground again. She smiles. They face each other again, Lesley knows he wil keep trying the same move. This time, he throws a round kick, she drops to the ground, and does an upward groin kick. He closes his legs together, and falls down. Lesleys favourite move! He tries it again, he is determined to prove he has Iron balls!.. She gets him again with the upward ball kick. he gets up , and tries another round kick only to get another upward groin kick! He is down again, she smiles, puts her hands on her hips. What an idiot!. but he keeps trying, he tries the round kick 6 times or more, and she does the upward groin kick from the ground each time. She thinks perhaps he likes it, or he is just an idiot after all. It seems to be working as he appears more dizzy now and weaker.

Jarvis tries a few punches, Lesley does the splits to the ground and punches his balls. (split ball punch). He drops to the ground but gets up again! Lesley thinks, she will have to finish him off quickly (pretend of course!) She wants to finish him by going for his balls as she planned to all along. She trips him up, he falls down, she wraps one legs around his neck, and she digs her foot in to his crotch with her other one, after a minute of watching him struggle, he stops . She did it! Lesley gets up smiles, she kisses him and puts her shoes back on then leaves. FLAWLESS VICTORY !!!!

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Lesley the nutcracker

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  • Product Length: 12 minutes
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