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Actress: Lillian 
Actor: The boss. I prefer a different actor who is the same height or shorter than Lillian.
Lillian will have 2 outfits as follows:
1) Black Canary outfit
2) A white shirt tied at the midriff exposing her tummy and tight blue shorts with red high heels. Underneath, she will have the red bikini. I prefer the straps of her bra run over her shoulders.
The settings will be as follows:
1) The boss's lair.
2) The staircase leading to Lillian's apartment.
3) Lillian's apartment. I would like to see a couch, a bed and a set of barbells.
The premise of the video is that Lillian no longer wants to be the Black Canary. For that reason, she needs to be beaten into submission. If that happens, she will lose her superior strength and invulnerability forever. She wants to live an ordinary life and have friends, something that she can't have because she's the Black Canary. Throughout the video, she will give one concession after another until she gives one concession too many. The problem she faces is that whenever she allows the boss to have the upper hand, she can't prevent her reflexes from taking over. In spite of the handicaps she gives, she is always in control. Adding to her frustration is that the boss has no fighting skills, as well as being reluctant to punch Lillian's tummy.
The video will start where the last one ended with Lillian sitting on the boss's lap. Lillian asks, "what did say you would do after I completed a challenge?" He responds that he would pamper her and see to her needs. She looks up to the ceiling saying, "well then, pamper me." He's surprised.  At his request, she leans forward and hugs her knees. He senses that she is clearly uncomfortable when he places his hands on her shoulders. He doesn't rub her shoulders. Instead, he asks her to stand. He notices her slight week and kneels down placing two fingers on her ankle. He asks, "it still hurts, yes?". She responds, "a little."  He tells her to sit on the couch saying, "I can help with the pain". He kneels before her as she sits on the edge of the couch.  He gently lifts her foot and rests it on his leg above his knee. She feels the warmth of his hands as he gently applies pressure. She doesn't object when he asks to remove one stocking only. After slowly peeling it off her leg, he gently squeezes her ankle again causing her to recline on the couch. She stares intently at him and says, "you like it when you had those goons beat up my legs, yet here you are, looking after my ankle. I just dont get it". He's embarrassed as he responds, "I can't help it. You're a beautiful, incredibly strong woman and my gut tells me that you like it, too. But when the challenge is over, I feel horrible that I'm responsible for the injuries you get". When he's done, she feels better. She stands and tells him to fetch her heels. He kneels before her as he helps her step into her shoes. She holds out her hand and pulls him up to his feet. Draping her stocking around his neck, she says, "come with me." She turns and saunters to the door. Looking back at him, she sees that he hasn't moved. She smiles and says, "coming?" She's pleased with the effect her legs has on him as he rushes to follow her.
They are on the staircase as he follows her up the stairs. In mid flight, he tells her to stop. She pauses with her bare leg fully extended on a lower step and her stockinged leg bent at the knee on the step above. He gently presses a finger into her calf causing her to wince. He says, "your calf is still sore from when that creep hit you with the truncheon, yes?" She nods at him as she looks at his finger on her leg. He tells her he can help when he places his other hand on her shin as he presses the palm of his other hand into her calf. She feels the warmth of his hand penetrate her calf as she slides her hand further up the rail, then rests her head on her hands. Her eyes are closed as she absorbs the pleasant sensation. After a short while he stops, pulling his hands away and waits for her to come out of her trance. She asks why did he stop. He ignores her question as he assumes she's leading him to her apartment saying, "why are you bringing me here?" She turns to face him as she places both feet on the same step and assumes her power pose and says, "you were right. I need more training if someone hits my unprotected tummy."  She then turns and slowly ascends the stairs. (I would like a close up and a full body shot of Lillian climbing the stairs. 
When they're in her apartment, she tells him to sit on the couch as she goes to her bedroom. She's already changed her clothing as she stares at her reflection in the mirror. She's afraid he won't like her as he's only seen her in her costume. So she's put on her sexiest outfit and after taking a deep breath rejoins the boss. Her fear of him not liking the way she looks disappears by the way he looks at her. Standing before him, she tells him to fetch the barbells from across the room. He struggles to lift it to his waist as he staggers back to her. She 'rescues' him by taking the barbell with one hand and effortlessly lifts it above her head. She then holds the bar above her head with hands wide apart. She parts her legs as well as she sucks in her tummy and tells him to train her tummy. He tells her, "hitting you is not my thing. I...." She interrupts him, "yeah, you like to see other people hit me. But, for now, you're going to have to get your hands 'dirty'." She waits patiently as he moves to her. (I would like him to punch her the way he did in the last video with his fist remaining pressed into her tummy). He surprised that her abs are hard as he flexes his fingers. He asks, "why did you keep your abs hard?" She smirks at him saying, "you didn't ask me if I would relax my muscles. If you want to train me, then sometimes your hand will hurt and other times my tummy will hurt." She waits for him as he punches her several times into her rock hard abs until his hands hurt too much. Still holding the bar above her head, she tells him, "I know that your hands hurt, but punch me one more time as hard as you can to show me that you are serious about training me." She sees that he's lost his appetite for punching her, so she entices him by saying "if you do this for me, I'll let you see what I'm wearing underneath this outfit." He perks up by saying, "only if I can undress you myself."  She responds, "deal." 
(If you and Lillian allow it, I'd like him to unbutton her shirt and unzip her shorts).
He looks into her eyes and thinks that she desperately wants him to punch her. Forgetting the pain in his hands, he lands a punch that penetrates her relaxed abs. (I want Lillian's reaction to be understated as she opens her mouth and tries to process what she's feeling). Their faces are inches apart as she tells him "again". Their faces still inches apart, he drives his fist into her again causing her to gasp. She tells him to stop as she takes a step back and with one hand, gives him the barbells. He struggles under the weight before he sets it down. She rubs her tummy as he approaches her. True to her word, she allows him to undress her revealing her red bikini.
She smiles as she tells him, "if you want to punch me again, you're going to have to catch me". He smiles as well as he kneels down to remove her heels.  He says, "you heard that rumor about high heels?" She catches his meaning as she responds, "yeah, I heard that high heels were created by an evil little man who wanted to beat women." They both laugh as he stalks her across the apartment. She never hits or kicks him. She just gives him an occasional shove as he never can lay a finger on her. After a brief time, he's exhausted as he drops to his knees. She picks up her heels as she stands next to him. Gently running her fingers thru his hair, she says, "perhaps if I handicap myself so that you, and that evil little man who invented these" as she holds up her heels, "and if you cheat a little, you might be able to catch me." He takes the heels from her and helps her step into them. He notices that she still has a slight weekness and without asking places both hands on her ankle. (I would like a close up of him firmly gripping and rubbing  her ankle). Her eyes are closed as she absorbs the heat from his hands. He tells her when I say 'start', if i get my hands on you, then I've caught you. Absentmindedly, she responds, "yeah, sure." He immediately says start with his hands still holding her ankle. She eventually opens her eyes and looking down, smirks saying, "I love the way you cheat."
The next sequences, each lasting a few minutes, will go as follows:
Lillian will stand in the middle of the room as he begins to punch her tummy. When the sensation becomes too much, she tells him to stop. He stops when she tells him to. When she regains her senses, she tells him not to ever stop when she tells him to. He continues to punch her until she can't help it when she grabs his wrist.
The next sequence will start with her hands cuffed behind her back to keep her from grabbing his wrists. Again, when the sensation becomes to intense from the belly punching, she uses her athleticism to evade his punches.
The next sequence will have Lillian's hands spread wide above her head and shackled to the wall. His face is close to hers as she looks into his eyes as he punches her tummy. When she can't take anymore, she uses her legs to keep him away from her belly. When she regains her senses, she's frustrated that he can't get past her legs.
The last sequence will have her laying on the floor on her back. Her arms are tied wide above her head and one leg tied to stakes on the floor. She flexes her free leg seductively while saying, "if you can tame my leg, I won't be able to stop you from punching me." He's just not athletic enough to get past her leg which adds to her growing frustration. She asks him how much time would he need to soften up her leg. He asks her if she will relax her leg muscles. She tells him, "yeah." He thinks a moment before saying, "two minutes." She chuckles and says, "I'll give you three." She allows him to pummel her leg. She even tells him which part of her leg to hit to weaken her leg more. He pauses when she grimaces in pain. She tells him not to stop. After hitting her for the remaining minutes, he stops...then he holds her ankle and points her toe to the ceiling. When he let's go of her ankle, her leg lands with a thud on the floor. He straddles her hips then pauses. She tells him to train her tummy. He starts to land penetrating punches as she strains against her bonds. Somehow, she can't suppress her competitive nature as she uses the remaining strength in her free leg to push him off her. She's able to ward off his attempts to restrain her leg. When he pauses, she offers him one more concession. He thinks for a moment before saying "if you let me tie a rope around your ankle, perhaps I'll be able to tie the other end to that stake". Thinking that he's using a short rope, he'll have to struggle to stretch out her leg in order for the rope to reach the stake. She agrees and after he secures her ankle, she notices the rope is longer than what they agreed to. She stares at him and says, "you cheated." He responds, "I know and I know that  you love that I do." She realizes he's right as she furiously moves her leg to keep him from tying the rope to the stake. After a brief struggle using all his strength, he's finally able to tie her leg down. He straddles her hips again as she says, "you can finally train my tummy the way it needs to be trained...I won't be able to stop you."  Before he starts, he demands to know why she wants to lose to him. She tells him, "you'll have to beat that answer out of me...are you strong enough to do that." He responds, "let's find out."  He starts to land penetrating punches to her tummy causing her to gasp. She pleads with him to stop as that sweet and painful sensation overwhelms her. He tells her he won't stop until she tells him why she wants to lose. She refuses as she starts to harden her abs. His knuckles start to hurt. He pauses to lay by her side. He tugs on hair so that she's looking at him as places his fist on her hardened abs. He dares her to relax her abs and keep them relaxed. She can't help herself as she makes her final concession. His fist penetrates her softened abs. He pauses after each punch by saying "tell me" again and again. After several punches, she can't take anymore as a strange, new sensation overwhelms her. She tells him her final secret....all of it. He's stunned as he stops hitting her. He sits by her side as she rolls her head from side to side with her eyes closed. On a hunch, he straddles one leg as places his knee close to her groin. Placing his hands on her hips, he drives his knee into her groin and leaves it there as he drives one fist into one side of tummy and then his other fist on the other side of her belly. She groans as she strains against her bonds. He doesn't stop when she begins to wail in pain mixed with something  else. He gives one final push with his fists rendering her on the floor.
He looks at her sleeping peacefully. He smooths her disheveled hair before untying her bonds and carrying her to bed. After laying her down so her head is on the pillow, he removes her heels and gently rubs her feet and toes. He pulls the blanket over her up to her chin. He lays on his side alongside of her on top of the blanket and just stares at her. He wants to touch her face but not while she's sleeping.
After awhile, he's asleep when she begins to stir. She's confused as to where she is. She becomes alarmed when she sees the boss beside her. She sits up causing her to wince in pain. She's fearful when she lifts the covers up to look at her body. She gingerly climbs out of bed and walks to where a short metal bar is on the floor. She picks it up and thinking that she's lost her powers, tries to bend it. She's surprised and confused as she bends the bar with ease. She drops the bar and presses her hand into tummy before sliding it down to the top of her panties. She realizes that aside from the soreness, she's never felt better. All of the tension she's felt in the past few weeks is gone. She turns to look at the boss and she starts to smile. Like a little girl, she scoots across the room and jumps on the bed so that she lands on her knees beside him. He stirs from his sleep and smiles when he sees her smiling. She asks, "so how did you know how to satisfy me and still let me keep my powers?" He responds, "I didn't, it was just a hunch."  She says, "a lucky hunch." She suddenly gets serious as she asks, "so how do you get your satisfaction?"  He lays on his back as he casually places both hands under his head. Looking over at her, he says "I'm not like most men. I'm extremely satisfied by telling a strong, beautiful girl what to do and she does it to please me. Trust me, that feeling never gets old."  She slowly starts to smile as she processes what he says. Changing the subject, she asks "tell me more about this biker gang. Are they any good handling their whips, chains and knives?"  While saying that she stands and straddles his waist giving him a good view of her legs up to her groin. He looks up at her saying, "I've heard they're very good, especially with their knives". She asks, "show me where you think they would hit my legs."  He places his hand on her calf and says "here." To which she quickly says "and?"  He slides his hand past her knee to her thigh and says "here."  Prompting her to again say "and?" He's embarrassed as he props up on his elbow and slides his hand to her inner thigh, inches below her panties. He can't look at her when he says "here". She chuckles as she drops to her knees so that she's sitting on his stomach. She tells him, "dont be ashamed. I know too well how your evil, little mind works..and I love it." Still sitting on his stomach, she says "now grab my hair if you can and pull me onto my back. My tummy needs more training". She makes it difficult for him by tossing her hair but he eventually grabs it causing her to gleefully squeal as he pulls her onto her back. He smooths her hair so that he can see her eyes. With his fist poised above her tummy, he says "you're insatiable". I want her to look directly into the camera as it zooms in on her face. With a smile, she says to the camera "I know".

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Black Canary's final secret

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