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  • Ronda protects her lover with the last of her strength

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Scene 1 (5 minutes)

Woman tells man1 that her boyfriend (man2) is a furious man who gets angry easily and sometimes even hits her.

Even though she is a professional fighter, she ends up losing the fight because her boyfriend is a professional fighter too and even stronger than her.

She wants to break up, but is afraid her boyfriend wants to beat her up.

Man1 says he will sort it out.  Take that fear out of her if she lets him mesmerize her.

She consents and man1 mesmerizes her using a necklace he carries around his neck.

Man1 dangles the necklace in front of her eyes until she is in a "trance".

So man1 says that: "from now on, you will love me intensely and unconditionally, and will be my bodyguard protecting me from anyone who wants to bother me".

She replies... "yes, master".

He says that when he snaps his fingers, she will go back to acting naturally, but will continue to follow all his orders without hesitation.

She replies... "yes, master".

He then snaps his fingers and she snaps out of her trance and gives him a passionate woman's smile and hugs him lovingly.

So man1 orders her to call her boyfriend (man2) and break up with him and tell man2 she is breaking up as she now loves man1 and belongs to man1.

She calls and finds herself just saying, "I'm ending our relationship. I've found a man much better than you. I love this man intensely and now belong completely to him. Goodbye."  And she hangs up the phone.

Man1 asks if she loves him and if she will fight under his command and, contracting her biceps, she replies that she loves him and tells man1 to rest assured that she will be his muscle and she will not let anyone lay a finger on him.

Scene 2 (20 minutes)

Woman and man1 walk hand in hand (as if arriving at her apartment).  She wearing heels for now.

Ex-boyfriend (man2) arrives a few moments later.  Like he was watching her apartment and waiting for them to arrive.  Man2 is very angry.  He says he will finish off man1.  Man2 says she will beat man1 to the hospital.

She steps in front of the man1, stretches an arm to the side as if protecting the man1 and he says that he will have to go through her if he wants to reach her master.  That she won't let man2 near her man.

Man2 tells her to get out of the way... otherwise, she will be beaten hardly.

Man1 calls her close to him and asks her if she is capable of beating her ex-boyfriend in order to keep her master safe.

She replies that, at his command, she will fight, but that she won't have much chance of winning because her ex-boyfriend (man2) is very strong and very skilled and always defeated her in fights they had.  Even so, she will fight until her last breath to keep the man1 safe and untouched.

Man1 gives her a kiss (could be on the forehead if not on the lips) and orders her to defend him and she says "yes sir... always stay behind me sir and don't try to get into the fight. I'm here to protect you and not the other way around".

Man2 comes up.  She dodges two punches.

She lands a few blows to her ex-boyfriend's face (which only makes him more nervous) and takes another.  But she feels more the blows she receives (for being weaker than her ex-boyfriend) from her ex-boyfriend and starts to get dizzy with the punches she receives.

Man1 watches the fight in the scene (he doesn't "disappear" from the scene)... but always at some distance behind her.  Where she moves, he stays a little behind her.  Here, once or twice, camera might show it as if it were the man1's view of the fight.  Especially when she's being hit.

In one of these blows, she goes backwards and bumps, dizzy... almost fainting... the man1.  He supports her standing... with his arms.

He asks her..."Are you going to be defeated by your ex and allow him to strike your love?".  And she replies (with a pained face)... "never!. I will protect you with my life, my lord".

Man1 says: "then go back to the fight and defeat your ex, my bodyguard. That's an order.".  She replies: "yes, sir" and walks back a little staggeringly in front of her ex-boyfriend (man2).

She then starts to get hit a lot and almost doesn't have the strength to react anymore.  She takes several punches to the face (preferably front jabs) and her guard (clenched fists) breaks down and her arms fall to her sides.

Man2 then grabs her by the hair with one hand and lifts her face (her eyes already closed) and hits her with a hook.  She goes backwards with the blow and comes back until she bumps into the man1...  And now you see another bruise on her face. 

Man1 orders her to wake up (shaking her lightly)... and she partially wakes up.

Man1 asks if she still has the strength to follow his love's commands and she replies that all the strength left in her body is at his disposal.

Man1 then orders her to carry him on her back (piggyback style) away from there.  And he asks her... "Are you able to do this, my protector?".

She takes off her heel and replies yes. That she will do whatever he commands.

She, even dizzy, obeys and tells him to hold tight to her back that she will do everything to take him to a safe place.

She crouches down a bit and he can climb onto something nearby (a chair for example) and climb onto her back.  She holds his legs and he holds her shoulders.

As she starts to walk towards the exit... Man2 steps in front and she looks up... into Man2's eyes.  Man2 says that if she doesn't leave man1 and go back to him, he will beat her hard and then beat her "love".

She says, "never!"  and as soon as she finishes the word, man2 hits her hard in the face... she moans and takes a step back (without letting go of man1)... she looks at man2 again and says "you're not going to lay a finger him..." and before finishing the sentence, he gets another slap in the face... and she takes a couple of steps back and turns to the man1 and asks if he's okay because she's going to try to pass her ex boyfriend again.

Man1 says in her ear... "I'm fine, my love, go past him... I trust you".

She tries, but man2 keeps blocking the way and now lands 3 hits on her stomach.  She doubles over in pain from the blows.  In these blows, if possible, it would be interesting to show the view of man1 (from above) as if he had a camera while she carries him... looking at man2 and/or down when she receives the blow.

Man2 then sees the chance to jab the face of Man1 who is on her back (as she doubles over in pain from the blow to her stomach), but when Man2 is ready to throw the punch, she recovers, notes in time and gets up putting her face in front and taking the blow instead of her boyfriend.

She moans with the blow she takes... she recoils dizzily... the man2 advances towards her and lands two more blows in the stomach... she always moans with each blow and kneels after receiving the second one in the stomach.

Man2 backs off a bit and says, "Last warning! Forget this man and come back to me."  She replies that she will never do that as the man behind her back is more of a man than he will ever be in his life and that no one will make her as happy as he (man1) makes her".

Man1, proud and happy for what he heard, orders her to get up again and she says "yes, sir" and does it with effort and pain... but with firmness.

She arrives in front of man2 and asks man1 to hold on tighter with his legs around her waist so she can have her hands free.  Man1 wraps his legs around her waist (so she doesn't need to hold his legs anymore) and also wraps his arms around her neck (but not squeezing of course) and then she tries to land two punches in man2's face, but he blocks the punches and hits one in her face and she retreats 3 steps with the man1 on her back.

She says to man1: "forgive me, my lord... I am being defeated by my ex...... my strength is almost at an end... I beg you to try to escape as I am almost losing consciousness".  In that part, camera view could again use as if it were the first person view of the man1.

Man1 responds that he will not abandon her as she is the most amazing woman he has ever met and if she faints he will fight the assailant.

"I beg you not to, my love. Run away if you can. I don't want to see you hurt in any way."

Man1 replies: "I won't leave here, my beloved. Subject closed. You will pass by your ex and we will leave together. Understood?".

She responds, "Yes sir. Then I'll get past my ex-boyfriend. Because I can't let him touch you."

Man1 then asks: "Are you still able to try again... with all the strength you have left, my bodyguard?".

She says, "yes. I do whatever you say... without a second thought."

Man1 orders her to try again.  She says, "yes sir" and when she tries to punch man2 grabs her arm and with the other hand grabs her by the neck and pushes her to the wall (with man1 on her back) until man1 hits her back wall.  Man1 shows pain with the shock and she makes a face of pain and concern for her man.

Man1, being pressed together with her body, against the wall, orders her to kick man2's balls.  She tries but man2 block it with his legs and step on her toes so she doesn't try again, she moans with pain... she has almost no strength left...

Man2 says: "I told you so... now I'm going to choke you and then I'm going to spank your boyfriend" and starts squeezing her neck with both hands.

She, with an expression of pain and concern, tries to remove the man's hands2 from her neck, but she can't... she keeps trying for about 10 seconds... until her hands fall to her sides... with no strength. .. her legs bend slightly... also without strength and her eyes close.

She is almost without her feelings still standing... and man2 continues hitting her in the stomach (she without any reaction) and holding her by the neck (with one of his hands) pressing her (with man1 on her back) against the wall for a few more moments.

Man1 shouts: "React my bodyguard. I order you to protect your master".  But she doesn't show any reaction because she's completely out of it.

Then man2, with her still standing (and man1 on her back holding her) kisses her (it can be on the forehead if not on the lips)... she doesn't react at all and man2 says: "you're mine".  (Here maybe another scene seen in first person by the man1).

Man2 drops the woman.  At that same time, the man1 lets go of her and falls to the ground further to the side and her body falls to the ground.

Man2 looks at man1, kneels beside the woman and lifts her head a little by the hair and says: "Did you really believe that she could protect you from me??"  He lands one more punch on her face (her face falls to the ground without any expression of pain) and man2 advances on the man1.

Man1 takes a combat stance and the scene cuts... everything goes black with the sound of punches being heard... and the scene returns with man1, leaning against the wall sitting in the corner of the room.

Man2 lifts the woman up by her hair and/or neck, kisses her again... and carries her upright... (not on her shoulders) her feet dragging on the ground and says: "you'll be mine again" .


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Ronda protects her lover with the last of her strength

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