female fighting stories

  • Naomi eliminates the bandit who blew the deal

Naomi meets the bandit who has commissioned her to recover an important briefcase. During the meeting, she must be paid handsomely. At the moment of the exchange the bandit tries to cheat her and instead of extracting the money he extracts a shooter. Big mistake!!
Naomi hates those who try to cheat her, so she starts a very hard fight. The fight is not a one sided fight, the man is able to react and to hit her. But Naomi is more skilled, she could end the fight in various moments but she wants to punish him hardly. In the end she decides to eliminate him. It will be certainly a warning to anyone who thinks of cheating her in the future.
The action is all outside and Naomi is wearing leather pants and boots.

Language: English 

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Naomi eliminates the bandit who blew the deal

  • Brand: NAOMI
  • Product Length: 13 minutes
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