female fighting stories

  • Carol practices her fighting skills on the bandits

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Carol dressed in white Karate top, white panties, bare feet, with hair down.

Scene starts with Carol sitting in her apartment in karate meditating position on floor with legs crossed. In walk 2 thieves and see her , they walk up behind her. Instinctively she brings her hands up and smashes them in their balls, they both bend over in pain and she strikes them both in the head and they fall backwards .

A fight takes place where Carly uses her Karate skills to destroy the guys ,choreography left to you but  please include palm strikes , karate chops and repeat kicks to head and also show her humiliating them often with her bare feet, there can be a desk in the room also where she sit on top and fight them. Also a scene with Carly standing over one guy and the camera looking up like a POV shot .

She finishes them both using face-sitting.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Carol practices her fighting skills on the bandits

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