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  • Tiffany destroys the enemies base

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Guys: Soldiers uniforms. In the first scene at the first location, every time a soldier appears he will wear a mask. At the main scene, both guys will not wear the mask.

Tiffany: Amazon girl costume (from Linda’s picture). I would like also her to wear black underwear (I don’t like the white ones). I don’t want anything special about her hair or lips. Also I want her to be barefoot (no stockings or shoes).


Tiffany is moving upwards in the stair when she first meets a soldier. She approaches him from the back. When the soldier notices her, he tries to hit her, but she avoids him and after some kicks she sends him to the ground. She steps on his chest as she moves up (see video stair-stepping.mp4). Then she enters the hall where she faces another 2 soldiers talking with each other.

Hello boys!

The guys confidently try to capture her. They fight for less than a minute. After some kicks she sends them on the ground, the one on top of the other in a pile. She puts her foot on the top guy.

You boys are so pathetic.

Using her foot she nudges the top guy and sends him to lay down on the ground near the other guy. She steps on both of them as she approaches the door of the main room where their leader is.

In the main room there is the general and his personal guard. When Tiffany enters, the guard stops her asking her where she thinks she is going. She kicks him in the ball and with a spin kick on his chest she sends him in the ground on his back. She climbs on his chest with both of her feet.

This guy is supposed to be your protector? And he is already underneath me?

The general furious approaches her but she pushes him with her foot away.

She climbs down of the soldier, she steps on him and starts fighting with the general.

After some kicks the general is on the ground too. She steps on him and then she places her foot on his chest preventing him from get up.

You guys always underestimate women, but you always end up under a woman’s foot. But since it seems that you enjoy it, I think we should have some more fun. You will fight me both at the same time. Whoever falls on his back outside of this mat loses.

Guys are getting up and take fighting position. The fight begins. The two guys are trying to hit her but she avoids all the hits. Every few hits the guys fall on the ground (inside the mat) and she steps on them. After a while with a two strong kicks Tiffany sends both guys on the ground outside the mat. She approaches them and steps on them with each of her foot on each of them.

Oh guys you lose! And I didn’t touch the ground yet!

She climbs down and she facesits on the general.

Do you surrender?

Yes, please, spare our lives.

She gets up, places her foot over his face and commands him to kiss her sole. He kisses it. Then she steps on him and moves to the other guy. She climbs on him with one foot on his chest and one on his groin (see clip victory-trample.mp4) and poses triumph.

How are you down there loser? Do you enjoy your place?

The helpless guy cannot answer he just groans in pain. After that she climbs down, she stomps his chest (like cutting a cigarette - please check the video “stomping”) steps on both of them again as she leaves the room in pleasure.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Tiffany destroys the enemies base

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