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  • Spy Ivy won the fight distracting the opponent

Ivy's a spy who comes in and sees the bad guy. She says "I've been looking for you"; he says "I've been waiting for you." They face off and fight.

The fight is even, back and forth for about 4 minutes then he starts to beat her. Near the end, she begs him to stop then starts acting sexy. He looks like he's going to stop so, thinking he can be caught unaware, she goes for him but he stops her and beats her to the ground. However Ivy started to seduce him with her perfect body and using his distraction she managed to overpower the opponent.

ATTITUDE: Tough, cocky, skilled fighter, gradually overpowered, fear when she realizes she can’t win.

Even when she realizes he’s stronger, she doesn’t give up – she’s still tough and defiant and fights hard. 

COSTUME: Black (or at least dark) bikini, as skimpy as possible. Black/dark boots.

APPEARANCE: I’d love her to have a “wet/sweaty” look, from oil or glycerine, or even just water. That could start, or be added to, when the fight heats up. (If that's not possible, it's okay.) And I like when the girl starts out looking good then gets more ragged as she’s beaten; I prefer no touch-ups to hair/makeup.

FIGHTING: Mostly kicks, punches, chops, along with regular slugging. When she’s being dominated, a few slaps; some chest hits and maybe a low blow if possible. I don’t like shaking, choking, bearhugs or spitting.

CAMERA: This is important – please focus on Ivy! In some customs I've ordered, the girl is blocked when the shot is from behind the guy but I want to see her as much as possible!

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Spy Ivy won the fight distracting the opponent

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