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  • Fur jacket for Melanie

Custom clip request 

Melanie must wear a fur vest or fur jacket.  A vest is preferred because that shows her strong arms, but a

"shorty" jacket (tight around waist) is also acceptable.  She should also wear high heels, a black leather or

vinyl miniskirt, and a red bra.  No pantyhose or stockings; bare legs.

The male should dress as a security guard.

The scenario is divided into three parts:

Part 1.  

Melanie is about to leave a store when a security guard steps in front of her, blocking the door,

and asks to see the receipt for the fur vest (or jacket) she is wearing.  She coolly says, "Get out of my way."

The guard again demands to see a receipt.  Melanie then says, "For the last time, get out of my way or

I'll go through you."  The guard says, "Take off that vest/jacket and give it to me!" and Melanie responds, 

"Try to take it from me."

The guard grabs her arm, but she is too strong and he cannot move her.  She smiles while he struggles, but

she is so powerful that he cannot do anything to her even though he tries to pull on her arm with both of

his arms.  Melanie smirks while he struggles and asks, "What's the matter - can't you handle a girl?" 

"This is your last chance to get out of my way."

Melanie then begins a series of high kicks, slapping his face with her feet for a few minutes, and slapping

his face with her hands.  While he is stunned and barely able to stand, she flexes her arms to show her biceps

(even if she is wearing a jacket and her arms are not shown, do this anyway), and she taunts him verbally

telling him that he is weak like a little girl.  He falls to his knees and wraps his arms around Melanie's legs,

trying to wrestle her down, but he cannot move her.  She flexes her muscles again.  Finally she throws him off

of his hug around her legs and kicks his face several times and he falls onto his back.

Part 2.

While the guard is laying on the floor groaning and trying to clear his head, Melanie takes off the vest/jacket 

and reveals that she is wearing only a red bra underneath it.  She carefully places the vest/jacket on a chair,

and sexily walks over the guard, struting and showing off her muscled legs, and asks if he is ready to apologize

to her.  He looks up at her and she commands him to get on his knees.  He is barely, finally able to get to his knees

and then she stands in front of him and grabs his head and throws his face into her hard stomach.  She does

this many times (10-15 times) and he is almost knocked out by her hard stomach muscles smashing his face.

She asks if he is ready to apologize, but he cannot speak.  He is stunned and nearly falling.  Melanie then 

grabs his head and smashes his face into her hard stomach again, many more times. 

Melanie then slaps his face with her feet and he falls down.  Melanie then turns and struts to the

chair where she has placed the fur, and she sits and crosses her legs and waits for the security guard to regain

consciousness.  Fade out.

Part 3.

Fade in.  The guard begins to stir, asking "What hit me?"  Melanie responds, "I knocked you out with my rock-hard 

stomach.  Do you want some more of that?"  The guard is scared and looks like he is ready to start crying.  

Melanie flexes her biceps again and orders him to crawl to her.  He does, and she steps over his head and

applies a standing neck scissors while still flexing her biceps.  The guard begins to cry and beg for mercy.  

Melanie responds, "It's too late for that.  You had your chance.  Now I have a special treat for you."

Melanie then picks up the fur vest/jacket and tells the guard to put it on.  She steps away from him and throws

it in his face and repeats, "I said, put it on."  The guard is terrified and crying and he fumbles to slip on the

vest/jacket.  Melanie smiles an evil smile and says, "It looks so nice on you. Now I know why you wanted me

to give it to you!"  The guard is still weak from the previous beating and barely able to stand, and Melanie begins

more foot slaps and hand slaps, telling him she will leave him alone when he takes off the jacket and puts it

back on her.  She stands in front of him and flexes her biceps again, telling him to feel her muscles.  He weakly

places his hands on her biceps and moans when he feels how hard and powerful her arms are.  Melanie responds, 

"Maybe you'd like to wear the vest/jacket a little longer," and she kicks him to his knees and then flat on his back.  

She then straddles him and sits on him, pinning him in a classic Schoolgirl Pin with her knees on his shoulders,

holding him flat on the floor and completely helpless and immobile.

Melanie again flexes her biceps and says, "Don't you wish you had let me leave with my vest/jacket, or do you

like it so well you want to keep it for yourself?" and she laughs an evil laugh. She then rolls off him and places her

legs around his neck in a tight neck-scissors, crossing her ankles and applying tremendous pressure.  The guard

tries to pull her legs apart, but it is useless.  He cannot move her legs.  She starts sending jolts of power through

her legs, almost snapping his head off.  He is weakly crying and begging for mercy.  Melanie continues crushing

his neck with her powerful, muscular legs.

After a few minutes of this she asks him if he's ready to take off her vest/jacket and put it back on her.

He weakly agrees, nodding his head and begging her to stop hurting him.  She then stands up and places her hands

on her hips in a powerful, defiant pose.  The guard is barely able to get to his feet, but he does as she commanded

and takes off the vest/jacket and slips it back onto Melanie.  She then turns to him and asks, "Don't you think I

look spectacular in sexy fur?" as she runs her hands several times over the fur covering her chest.  She then turns

and struts out of the store, flexing her legs as she walks away.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Fur jacket for Melanie

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